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Bachelor of Science International Business

You will study the entire degree in English, have the opportunity to do it at your own pace with a flexible program, and opt for a double degree by completing this program along with the BS in International Hospitality and Tourism Management.

international business degree schiller

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40 months




Heidelberg, Madrid, Paris, Tampa and Online

Why study International Business?

130 Nationalities Our campuses are home to students from more than 130 countries. Current Schiller students are from Africa, the Americas, Asia, This diversity creates the international learning environments and personal experiences that Schiller students are looking for!
50 Years of history For over 50 years, the Schiller international University faculty and staff has brought the credentials and expertise needed to support the foundations of international learning. This supports our continuous goal of developing the world leaders needed for the future!
20000 Alumni Schiller’s international learning community includes a network of more than 20.000 graduates in over 200 cities who remain committed to the University. This commitment reflects support to current students and fellow graduates beyond graduation.

We offer you the flexibility you need to complete your degree

For Schiller International our students come first, so we are constantly thinking about how we can adapt to you and your circumstances.

Therefore, we offer two ways to make your studies and payments more flexible:

  • Enroll and pay for the first subject. You can do this if you are particularly interested in deepening your knowledge of a subject or if you need to find out if you like this field of knowledge.
  • Try and pay for the first 4 months. Register for 4 subjects (equivalent to 12 credits), take the subject month by month and see if it is the path you want to follow.

After this time, evaluate if you want to continue and we will help you formalize your situation. We will help you with everything you need!

This program is eligible for financial aid for those who qualify.

andrea colloca head admissions schiller

Andrea Colloca

Global Director of Admissions

I lead Schiller International University’s global team of admissions, in helping create a culturally diverse environment where students can thrive. My creativity, passion for assisting others and leadership, are invested daily in ensuring that students reach their highest potential and have the best opportunities after they graduate.

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Meet your faculty


Dr. Nadia Alkateeb

Professor of Accounting, Finance & Business

20 years of experience in the field of accounting and finance, Nadia has a PhD in Business Administration. Her focus is on improving online relationships every day.


Sanja Stevic

Professor of International Business & International Management

Specialized in Professional HR and Career Development, she has 14 years of experience delivering courses to students, professionals, and scientific researchers.


Alexandra Aaron

Professor of International Business, Head of Studies & Registrar

With 20 years of experience in business and financial markets, she holds a Master's Degree in Stock Exchange and Financial Markets as well as in PDD Hedge Funds and Alternative Investment.

FULTON Joan Photo-new

Joan Fulton

Associate Professor of International Business

With 30 years of experience in business, she is the Finance Director at ACA and a member of WIC and of the Giving Women Foundation, providing financial and organizational advice.


Steven Jaron

Professor of International Business

With 25 years of teaching experience, he has published numerous articles on his research in psychology and human behavior. Steven has also published three books about the economic market.

Saraff Gour Photo-new

Gour Saraff

Professor of International Business and Program Lead

He has 20 years of comprehensive experience in entrepreneurship and operations in the field of education, as well as manufacturing and other sectors; and has been teaching around the world for 10 years.


Barei Feresteh

Professor of International Business & Business Administration

Founder of Bionowin Santé Ave Association, she has published articles in academic journals, as well as a book chapter on marketing strategy and a Special Issue on aging challenges in a digital world.


Martine Bouccara

Professor of International Business

She has written articles for Le Monde and Le Figaro and has been interviewed on high impact cases on TV channels such as BFMTV or Canal+, including the DSK Case and the WEINSTEIN Case.


Xiaoyu Li

Professor of International Business

She holds an MSc in Mgmt. and Economics; and Marketing and Business Development from the most prestigious institutions in Paris. She works as a consultant in those fields.

See what other students say


Lerato T. Shaylor

At Schiller I was given the freedom to make decisions about my studies and career, I still feel the support and advise from my tutors, some of the most formative guidance I have ever received.


Griffin Hill

My time at Schiller has allowed me to live in differents countries. The practical learning environment and studying international topics is something that you can't achieve at other universities.


Iñigo Gastón

My experience has been great. After working for a few years, I realize how up to date this learning system is. Also the skills have helped me achieve professional growth.

natalia malvar schiller student

Natalia Malvar

My experience at SIU has been extraordinary and incredibly rewarding both at an academic and intellectual level, and at a personal growth level.


Steven Gatewood

I have truly enjoyed my experience at Schiller! As an online student, I always felt the sense of community, the staff and entire faculty are very helpful.

adina laura achim

Adina Laura Achim

SIU shaped my character and was there where I have discovered my passion. I met a professor who recognize my potential and redirected me to focus on international affairs.

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