Schiller Heidelberg Campus

Experience what it is like to study in one of Germany’s most welcoming and oldest university cities!

While you are studying at this campus:

  • You will have resources and services at your disposal, such as a library, bookstore and computer lab.
  • You will be in touch with our community: alumni, current students, tutors and the entire campus staff.
  • You can embrace the culture of an idyllic, romantic city with its world-famous castle and Old City.
  • If you are a foreign student, you will meet multilingual professionals with an international background.
  • You will be taught by German and international professors.


Heidelberg, a city in constant demand on international profiles

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andrea colloca head admissions schiller

Andrea Colloca

Global Director of Admissions

I lead Schiller International University’s global team of admissions, in helping create a culturally diverse environment where students can thrive. My creativity, passion for assisting others and leadership, are invested daily in ensuring that students reach their highest potential and have the best opportunities after they graduate.

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Our location in Heidelberg

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