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Live the Schiller experience in four international locations or online. We can adapt to your living and learning style. You can study the program you want at any of our campus locations or in the format you need.

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andrea colloca head admissions schiller

Andrea Colloca

Global Director of Admissions

If you want further details about a specific campus, fill the form and we will call you. At the moment, we can not arrange a visit due to COVID-19, but we can provide you with the information you need in a virtual way.

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jeanette espinal schiller tampa campus

Jeanette Espinal

Director of the Tampa Bay Campus

Schiller International University has become part of my DNA, an institution where educational diversity is truly embraced and understood.

tanja heidelberg director schiller campus

Tanja Ward

Director of the Heidelberg Campus

Tanja has been at Schiller since March 2017. She holds an MBA from the University of Lincoln, UK. Her research interests focus primarily on Human Resource and Management topics.

james schiller director paris

James Brown

Director of the Paris Campus

Since 2015, he has used his many years of experience in French higher education to help lead this community of students who come from all over the world.

isabel director campus madrid schiller

Isabel Campbell

Director of the Madrid Campus

She is half British and half Spanish, like many of our students. Her personal mission is to ensure the academic and personal wellbeing of the Schiller Madrid community.