United States Visa Information


Separate from the admissions process is the process of immigration as an international student to the Tampa Bay campus in the United States as well as to a campus in the European Union. All applicants who are granted a student visa to attend SIU must commit to an enrollment of at least two academic semesters (eight months) of continuous enrollment in order to be admitted to SIU.

Non-US Citizen/Legal Resident Students Seeking Admission

SIU is authorized under the law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. For non-domestic students, a student must have a valid student visa, if applicable. SIU is required to have official documentation that certifies that the applicant has completed the equivalent of an American High School education and is prepared to undertake university-level work in English.
Although there is no application deadline, SIU strongly advises applicants who require visas to apply at least four (4) months before the beginning of the term for which they wish to enroll. All students applying for admission in the US must provide a non-refundable $20.00 application fee. European campuses must provide a non-refundable €50 (Euros) application fee. Non-Domestic students (campus specific) students are also subject to a $60 courier fee for processing and delivery of student visa documentation. The rules and regulations for student visas are subject to change without notice so it is important that all applicants review these for current information. Immigration authorities may require an applicant to pay tuition fees in advance for two semesters as well as show proof of financial support for one year. These requirements will vary by country.


For international students seeking to study at the Tampa Bay campus the following will be required: (applicable to all students who do not have a US passport, US Permanent Residency, or lawful legal status)

Verification in the form of a bank document from the student, parent, or sponsoring legal guardian that there are sufficient funds to cover the costs of one academic year of full-time study.

  • Proof of payment of one semester tuition and fees by no later than the first day of class. Initial deposit amount must be made prior to entering the US and the remaining is due by no later than the first day of class.
  • Proof of English proficiency for students who are not native English speakers, did not complete their post-secondary education exclusively in the English language, or did not complete at least 24 academic credits in a university level program taught in English. (See “Evidence of English Fluency” for further details)
  • Proof of prior studies as required and applicable by the degree level.
  • Form I-20 issued to the student by the authorized official at the Tampa Bay campus.
  • Proof of a valid Passport indicating the appropriate valid student visa.
  • Letter of acceptance to study at the Tampa Bay campus.