Student Services

Student Services

Schiller International University supports the personal and professional development of all its students worldwide. This means providing resources for study and student life during your degree program, and offering assistance as you venture into the job market after graduation. We offer a variety of services to our students, whether on-campus or online.

Cap & Gown Ordering

Click here for more information for your Cap & Gown.

Library Services

Our libraries contain an extensive collection of English and foreign-language books and periodicals, along with database access to thousands of additional resources. Our librarians can also offer expert research assistance. Students based abroad or online can also access our resources through our Virtual Library. To find out more about our libraries, please click here.

Download Center

Need a form? Need access to a course catalog? Our website’s Download Center offers links to Schiller International University’s general documents and required paperwork, including admissions and graduation forms. Click here to access the download center.

Technical Support and Requirements

Online students need to have access to computer systems capable of running SIU’s state-of-the-art web courses. Find an outline of current system requirements by clicking here.

If you need technical assistance with any of your student resources, our technical support staff can help. Please contact the Student Support Department at

Campus Information

Schiller International University collects demographic and other information about its graduates and campuses. Click here to learn more about our Campus Crime Report, and here for student disclosures including graduation rates and debt loads after graduation.

Career Services

We can offer you a variety of career services in one-on-one mentoring relationships or at the workshops we host throughout the year.  To learn more, please click here.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

During the LOA, students may take up to four months off consecutively. Students that take a LOA may have their financial aid impacted and should consult with a financial aid advisor prior to making this decision. Students are allowed to take less than four courses per semester when participating in the LOA. Student must complete a LOA form, signed and dated, to the Registrar‘s Office and sign a new award letter with Financial Aid prior to departure. The LOA request form is located in the Registrar’s Office or can be downloaded from the website. Distance learning students must submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office via e-mail ( Students are expected to return for classes as scheduled and as indicated in the LOA form.

Title IV eligible students granted an LOA who fail to return may have serious consequences affecting their student loan repayment terms, including the expiration of the grace period. Students will be required to begin repaying their loans within six months from ceasing attendance at the university unless the student resumes classes and completes an in school deferment form at the end of the LOA period. If the student has previously used the six month grace period, then repayment on the loans will begin the month immediately following the date the withdrawal occurred. The student’s withdrawal date will be the date the LOA began. The University is obligated to advise the loan holder (if applicable) of the change of student status.

Students wanting to participate in the LOA:

  • All students must complete one full semester prior to being eligible to request a LOA.
  • No additional charges will be billed during the LOA. The student will only be charged for the number of classes taken when the LOA is applied for and approved.
  • Must take the LOA months off consecutively. Students may take one LOA of no more than four consecutive courses during a 12 month period beginning with the student’s start or reentry date.
  • Must be requested prior to the start of the course. LOA requests will not be granted in the middle of a course. Exceptions must be approved by the Campus Director, Provost, Academic Dean and/or heads of study.
  • Any student LOA request that is not approved will result in student withdrawal unless the student decides to continue his or her coursework at that time.
  • Students must report to the Registrar‘s Office by the date indicated on the Leave of Absence form. Students who fail to return to the University by the expected date will be considered withdrawn, and the student will therefore be responsible for any balance due. All refund calculations will be applied per refund policy.
  • A LOA may extend a student’s graduation date. Students on LOA may not be able to maintain their course sequencing.
  • If a student chooses to return from a LOA earlier than originally scheduled, the student must complete an updated award letter for the upcoming term. Students cannot return into a course after the first week of class has passed. If a student does not return after the four month LOA period the student must undergo the re-admittance process.

Standard Period of Non-Enrollment (SPNE)

In the event a course is not offered for a student to attend, the student will be placed on a Standard Period of Non-Enrollment which may not exceed one full scheduled course.

Student Services Department

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