Find E-Books, Articles, Databases by Subject, E-Journals and other online reference material through LIRN – Library Information and Resources Network

For use by all SIU Students, the Library Information and Resources Network (LIRN), contains a collection of library and information resource databases, providing access to scholarly resources including magazine and journal articles, newspapers, reference works, and eBooks.


LIRN can be accessed on and off any SIU University Campus. Enter your LIRN credentials assigned to you by your campus librarian. If you don’t have log-in information, contact your campus librarian.

Micheal McGuire, Tampa Campus/Online Learning

John Sturm – Heidelberg Campus

Beatriz Ovejero – Madrid Campus

Fabrizio Veneziano – Paris Campus



As opposed to other internet sources such as Wikipedia, you are assured that articles on LIRN have been peer reviewed for accurate content by people in the field of knowledge you are researching.

Tips for Evaluating Websites other than LIRN

Authority and accuracy: Who wrote the content? Are they an expert in their field? Is the information correct?

Purpose and content: What is the purpose of the Website? Is it subjective? (biased or opinionated), objective (factual), or mixed.

Currency: When was the website created? When was the website last updated?

Design, organization and ease of use: Is it difficult to us or navigate? How useful will it

Using LIRN will guarantee that you find accurate, academic resources! For more information, see Webliteracy for Student Fact Checkers…and other people who care about facts.

See Instructional Videos for learning how to navigate LIRN on YouTube

Do you need additional help navigating LIRN? Subscribe to the LIRN YouTube Channel for instructional videos. Below are links to specific videos that will help you in your coursework at SIU.

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