manuel alonso schiller president

Schiller International University is planning for an exciting and safe Fall Term opening of all Campuses

May 26, 2020

Dear Schiller Learning Community,

The coronavirus outbreak has been affecting our everyday lives, and with each new development, more questions arise. What should universities and society at large be doing right now to successfully manage the situation for their students, faculty, employees, and communities? This letter tries to address some of these questions, showing how our university wants to contribute to normalize this dramatic situation

Sadly, people who are a part of our community have been affected, at least indirectly: fellow alumni, current students, family, loved ones, friends, and colleagues. I would like to express my utmost sorrow and condolences for those affected by the COVID-19 virus.

As an immediate response to the pandemic and the mandatory closing of our physical campuses in Florida, Madrid, Heidelberg and Paris, Schiller has had the capacity to offer all our classes through distance learning to all of our students. During this period of time, we have created a virtual community that has allowed us to keep close contact with our students and monitor their academic progress. Furthermore, we continue offering classes through the Summer term and we are planning an exciting and safe Fall term opening of our classes on ground, as is explained in this letter.

I would like to thank Schiller’s students, staff and faculty for their flexibility, support, and solidarity to adapt quickly, while maintaining our educational quality. Our flexible academic model, online campus, and distance learning tools have allowed us to be proactive and adapt quickly to the needs of our students. Students have been able to return to their homes or stay safe in our host countries and continue their studies. In addition, many students have leveraged this situation to their benefit and are accelerating their studies through our continuous online offerings and Summer term.

I would also like to thank the US Department of Education and the accreditors in the USA for their quick responses that have allowed American universities to adapt very quickly and continue providing high quality education to the students through distance learning. Finally, our grateful thanks go to the higher education authorities in Germany, Spain and France for their continued support.

As the temperatures rise and the flowers and trees come to life, let us not ignore the hope of renewal that we experience each Spring. The world is attempting to safely reopen and making plans for the future. Schiller International University is full of excitement and busy planning for what lies ahead. Regardless of what campus you call home, these past months have been challenging and at times heartbreaking. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a multitude of challenges within our homes, cities, and nations. Please rest assured that we are starting to emerge from this disruption full of hope and optimism. We are eager to proceed down the path of personal, spiritual, and economic recovery. 

In support of returning to a more normal daily life, Schiller is planning for a future with open campuses for the Fall term. Campuses where students feel safe to learn, form opinions, and discuss ideas. Each of our campuses is following local and national requirements focused on gradual, structured openings. Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being (physical and mental) of our student body, staff, and local communities. We want our campuses to return to learning, establishing professional connections, and making friends. We want our students to feel confident in exploring our cities, as well as their program of study.  

Please keep in mind that our plans may often change over the summer months. We believe there is now enough information and data to support our campus opening plans. We are monitoring the daily happenings in each of our host countries to ensure our learning environments are clean and disinfected according to local and other directives. Special planning and needed resources (masks, sanitizers, etc.) will be available. We are considering the need for possible testing and temperature taking. And finally, we are ensuring that safe distancing can be utilized in classrooms, hallways, offices, and other public areas if needed. 

Academically, we are prepared to deliver on ground and distance learning plans depending on each country’s situation to meet safety requirements and adapt to our student’s needs. We know some students will prefer, or even be forced to start online, while international travel returns to normal. Do not worry that you will have to abandon your dream of moving to another country to study at an international university accredited in the United States and Europe. We will help you achieve your dreams.

Please feel confident that we can get through this as a Schiller family! This site will be your location for updates, the current status of campus openings, and other information throughout the Summer. Please know that your questions and concerns matter to us. In addition to this site, you can also contact your home campus and online.

Let’s have a beautiful and hopeful Spring!

manuel alonso schiller president

Manuel Alonso (PhD)


Schiller International University