Payment Policies

Checks/banker’s drafts should be made payable to Schiller International University and mailed to the Bursar of the campus where the student will attend.

Please always note the name of the student and the campus where she/he will be attending on all payments or correspondence.

Payment of tuition and fees can also be arranged through credit cards (Eurocard/MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Apple Pay). The Payment Form and Wire Instructions may be found in the Download Center. Besides handling these charges by mail, students can also present their credit cards to the Campus Bursars. Charges assessed by banks on foreign checks or on bank transfers will be charged to the student’s accounts. It is the responsibility of the student or parents to send payments promptly according to the schedule of payment dates. All fees must be paid in order for the student to register.

Download the payment form.

Delayed payment of fees is possible only after a written deferred payment agreement has been signed and authorized by the Campus Bursar prior to registration. Should such an agreement not be honored on time, a monthly compound interest will be raised on outstanding fees. A deferred payment fee will be charged for each agreement. No deferred payment agreements will be approved for summer terms.

Students should also consider incidental costs for books, personal laundry service, independent travel, clothing and other items that vary according to individual tastes.

Schiller International University campuses that offer on-campus accommodation can be reserved by completing the accommodation form and returning it to the appropriate campus with the accommodation deposit.

Please note that fees for room and board (where applicable) include accommodations and meals from the first day of orientation through the last day of the term as published in the academic calendar. These fees do not include accommodations or meals during fall and spring semester breaks, nor do they include any dormitory accommodations or meals during university vacation periods between terms. In exceptional cases, students may be allowed to occupy rooms and take their meals in the student dining room when available. However, there will be additional charges for both rooms and meals between terms and during semester breaks. Special arrangements must be made with the campus residence director prior to the period for which a student wishes special accommodations and/or meal arrangements. Schiller International University reserves the right to adjust the quoted fees in the event of changes in the currency exchange rates after the time of this publishing.

The liability deposit will be held for the duration of each student’s program. Students will be charged for damage to property or equipment. When individual responsibility can be determined, the individual will be charged. When individual responsibility cannot be determined, charges will be divided across the appropriate group of students.

Refund Policies


If a student’s application for admission is not accepted, all advanced money shall be refunded, with the exception of the $20.00 US or EUR €50. If a student is accepted and then cancels registration before classes begin, or informs the University in writing within three (3) business days of the signed date of their Enrollment Agreement, all tuition paid in advance shall be refunded. (Except application and courier fees).

Any student who begins classes on or after the start date of any semester and then completely withdraws prior to the end of any semester by contacting the registrar (unless the student informs the University in writing within three (3) business days of the signed date of their Enrollment Agreement), the University will earn tuition and fees based on a pro rata basis up to 20% of the semester in which the student withdraws. Withdrawal after 20% of the semester, the student will be obligated to 100% of the semester’s tuition and fees.

Withdrawal and refund policy can be found in the Schiller University Catalog located in the Download Center.

Deferral Policies
The original I-20 is always required back before any deferrals may be made for all international students for the Tampa Bay, Florida campus.