Paris Banking


Students staying in France for more than 3 months are advised to open a bank account. To open a bank account, students need to show the 3 following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Carte de Séjour
  • Proof of address: telephone or electricity bill, rent receipt, “certificat d’hébergement” (official document stating that you are staying with a private resident, obtained by your French host from the local townhall “mairie”), etc.

Approximately 10 days after opening the account, students receive a checkbook and/or a credit card. Checkbooks are usually free of charge. Credit cards, which are valid for two years, cost between € 15 to €30 per year, depending on the bank and the type of card. While opening an account, students may be offered an overdraft facility. Overdrafts can be expensive however and when your account balance is negative, the bank charges you interest. Further details on opening a bank account can be found in the orientation guide that students are provided with before registration.