Paris Accommodations


Finding appropriate housing in Paris can be a complicated and arduous task, especially for first time international students. For this very reason, Schiller has partnered up with several housing providers in the city to simplify the process. The providers we work with are Comforts of Paris and Melon district. Whether you choose to share a room with other international students, have your own room, your own apartment, or live with a local family, Student Services is here to help every step of the way.

All classes are held on campus so we strongly recommend you find a place in Paris . Public transport in Paris is very efficient so you need not restrict yourself to the 15th district.

Rent varies depending on the type of accommodation. Expect to pay at least €600 per month for a room in a shared house, or for a small studio. Prices vary between the districts, and are much more affordable if you choose to live in a nearby suburb.

Student Services will contact you prior to your arrival in order to start working with you in finding the accommodation that suits you.


French Government Financial Aid for Housing (CAF)


All students in France are eligible to apply for financial assistance towards their living costs. Students will need to fill out the online registration form directly on the website first and then take it to their local branch.

Below is a list of the documents you will need to provide:

  • The most recent rent receipt (quittance de loyer)
  • Your residence contract, which should be provided by your landlord or real estate agency
  • Your most recent telephone or electricity bill, as proof of residence.
  • Your “relevé d’identité bancaire” (RIB). This document, available from your bank, identifies your bank name, address, and account number.
  • Your student visa, residence permit or copy of ID
  • Your certificate of enrollment that you will receive upon arrival at Schiller
  • A document stating your income or resources.


For further information about housing, feel free to contact the Student Services department.