Madrid Housing Info


Schiller Madrid has a Student Housing Office available to help students find the accommodation option that best suits their personal needs. The office maintains an updated list of different living options which are as follows:

 Living in a private home, or “homestay”

The Schiller Student Housing Office has a long-standing relationship with a number of Spanish homes. Most of these have considerable experience with foreign students and can provide them with an excellent opportunity to learn Spanish quickly and acclimate to Spanish life. Students have a single room and usually eat two meals at home


Plan on spending a few days in temporary accommodation prior to finding the apartment of your choice.

The Schiller Madrid Student Housing Office will assist you and advise you about apartment rental details such as contracts, prices, and locations. There are great websites that provide housing information for students, please contact Paloma Mesonero at for recommendations.


Students from Schiller will receive a 20% discount – download information here.

Private Student Residences:

There are private student dormitories that lodge students from different universities in Madrid. These fill up quickly and occupancy is limited.

Please contact the Housing director: Paloma Mesonero at if you need more help.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Schiller International University, Madrid does not offer student accommodation or residence facilities on campus. However, there are various private student accommodation or housing options available to students. The Schiller Madrid team is pleased to assist you in identifying a suitable option for your circumstances. Please note, however, that Schiller Madrid cannot provide legal advice and is not affiliated with any provider of student accommodation. This information is provided as a general guide only.