Madrid Banking

spain-bankStudents staying in Spain for more than 3 months are advised to open a bank account. Please ask Paloma Mesonero at Student Services for assistance.

NOTE: European credit cards generally work with an embedded chip, which American cards typically don’t have. Please be advised that if you have an American-issued credit card it may not work at some establishments or ATMs, etc. and these facilities may not have the ability to accept the American credit card transaction.

With any valid credit card, you can withdraw cash from any automated teller machine (ATM) at any bank, savings bank or post office (not necessarily the bank where you have your account). ATMs are open 24 hours a day and take several types of credit card (Visa, Eurocard, etc.). Most shops accept payment by credit card for purchases above a minimum amount (usually € 15). There is usually a minimum purchase amount for cheques, too, but this may be lower, at € 8). Each shop has its own policy on this – there are no fixed rules.