Things to do In Heidelberg

Things to do In Heidelberg

The monthly publication “Heidelberg aktuell” is available at the Tourist information in front of the main train station and at the information desk of department stores and in some shops for 1 €. It includes useful information concerning current events throughout Heidelberg in a variety such as theaters, concerts, exhibitions and restaurants etc.  Please see also and

Additional information may be also found in the daily newspapers, such as the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”. Newspapers from many parts of the world are available at the bookstore in the main station.   


There are movies in English playing in Heidelberg. The local newspaper displays titles and times for the program of the Gloria cinema, Hauptstr. 146.

DVDs may also be borrowed from our library and the library of the German-American Institute (DAI) in Sofienstr. 12.


Students, who feel comfortable with German or would like to practice listening to it should go to the theater. There is a wide variety of plays during the regular semesters.

Theater und Orchester Heidelberg
Emil-Maier-Strasse 16
69115 Heidelberg


Kurpfälzisches Museum (Palatinate Museum), Hauptstr. 97  

Schloss Heidelberg (Heidelberg Castle), Schlosshof 1

Carl- Bosch- Museum (technical historical museum), Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg 46

Völkerkundemuseum (Ethnological museum), Hauptstraße 235

Friedrich- Ebert- Gedenkstätte (Ebert, born in Heidelberg, was the first German president, 1919- 1925), Pfaffengasse 18

Schloss Mannheim (Mannheim Castle), Bismarckstr. 10, Mannheim

Technoseum Mannheim, Museumsstraße 1, Mannheim

Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen (alternating exhibitions) Mannheim, C4 9, Mannheim

There are several public parks in Heidelberg, where you can rest or enjoy a Saturday afternoon. Most popular under students is the Neckarwiese, the Banks of the Neckar river. Other highlights are the world-famous Philosopher’s Way and the Gardens of the castle.


SIU programs include German classes on a beginners’ and intermediate level. Several language schools in Heidelberg offer continuing education on an advanced level with exams and certificates.

ih Heidelberg, Bergstr. 106, 69121 Heidelberg,


Fitness Park Heidelberg Pfitzenmeier, Poststr. 1- 3, 69115 Heidelberg,

Villa Sportiva, Helmholtzstr. 8, 69120 Heidelberg,

Asporta, Bergheimer Str. 147,  69115 Heidelberg,

Venice Beach,Speyerer Str. 4- 6, 69115 Heidelberg,

Students may also take part in the University Sports program (Hochschulsport) of Heidelberg University ( For more information please contact the SIU administration.

The Schiller Killers, our campus soccer team, meets regularly for practice. For details ask the librarian. New strikers are always welcome!