Heidelberg Jobs and Internships

The following announcements and links are by no means exhaustive. While SIU seeks to keep this list up-to-date and to reference as many potential opportunities as possible, it relies upon students and staff, all stakeholders, to make suggestions. More offers can also be found on the notice boards at the campus.

The University would also like to remind prospective applicants that most employers look for transferable skills and competences. Students of International Relations should not hesitate to look for jobs or internships in the private business sector any more than students of Business should neglect potential opportunities in the public sector. Accountants, human resource specialists, and operations managers are needed in all organizations, as are project managers generally and policy analysts. Don’t let disciplinary inclinations dictate possible horizons professionally.

Consult monika_weuster@schiller.edu and/or your academic advisers for further assistance in making your choices and preparing your applications.

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