Heidelberg Library Help and Other Services


New Student Orientation Day

During the Heidelberg New Student Orientation new students participate in a library orientation workshop, which takes place in the computer lab. Students receive practical guidance about accessing library online resources, accessing and using eBooks, how to navigate Blackboard, and how to use their student portal to include their email. New students participate in a library tour in which they receive information about library use (loan procedures, Reserve Collection textbooks, access to the online catalog, and printing and copying procedures).

Additionally, every new student receives an information brochure with information about passwords and access details to online resources.

Research Skills Workshop

In the first week of each semester the campus Librarian holds a Research Skills Workshop, presenting the library’s online resources and putting them in the broader context of information literacy. Search techniques, methods to avoid plagiarism, as well as citation styles are explained and discussed in the workshop. Useful software and online tools for reference and research management are also introduced. At the end of the workshop students practice and evaluate their information literacy by answering questions or taking a quick quiz.

Faculty Blackboard Workshop

New faculty are introduced to the Blackboard Learn Portal by participating in a half day workshop. They receive training on new presentation media and tools provided by Blackboard, and learn how to manage an online course. At the end of the workshop instructors earn a participation certificate signed by the registrar (M.A. Education) and the campus librarian.


Dissertation Workshops 2.0

Library offers dissertation workshops 2.0 starting October 1, 2017 in the following sessions:


Course content

Target participants

Dissertation #1: Research Skills and e-Resources This workshop provides a brief overview of research, including research strategies, types of resources, finding and evaluating sources and online research. All students, mainly newly enrolled students
Dissertation #2: Developing a Research Question and Thesis topic This interactive workshop primarily helps the students to narrow the focus of their research topic and explore what a research question is. Students will learn what to consider when choosing a topic and how to develop their idea into a question. All students, mainly those with 60 credits and above
Dissertation #3: Avoiding Plagiarism
APA Citation Style and helpful Tools
By participating in this workshop students learn what unintentional plagiarism is and how to avoid plagiarism. They also receive training on APA citation styles and resource management tools such as Citavi. All students, mainly those with 60 credits and above
Dissertation #4:

Literature Review and writing a proposal

Students learn how to look for literature and identify those contributing to the development of their topic. At the end of this workshop, students will be able to develop their understanding of the literature in a field of study and establish the theoretical framework of their thesis. They can also develop a detailed outline of the dissertation and write a proposal. All students, mainly those with 60 credits and above