Schiller International University’s Heidelberg Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

SPONSORT.DE empowers people with great ideas to create positive change in the Rhine-Neckar area.

Their focus is on raising funds for local do-good projects and kick-starting initiatives via their network of local enterprises and organizations. This collaboration is an action-oriented way of enabling students to fund and execute their own projects while broadening students` personal networks through coaching and career opportunities in local enterprises. All wishing to learn more about and their activities are encouraged to visit their website or to contact them by e-mail at



The local job-portal for SAP related jobs in Heidelberg and Rhein-Neckar area.

Got your degree already? Then get part of our Alumni Organization. Through our Alumni Network, we welcome the opportunity to connect, share, and hear from our thousands of alumni, many of whom are leading and driving success for a wide variety of companies around the world.

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