Career and Internship Resources

Career and Internship Resources

On each campus, faculty advisors and career counselors advise students on career planning issues, recruiting events and job and internship opportunities. Individual campuses establish a variety of programs from Career Days with speakers on various areas of interest, to work-shops on resume writing, and job interviewing techniques. Our Campus career counselor is knowledgeable about the legal requirements of the host country with regard to employment. She assists interested SIU students with information concerning internships and forming the links between academic and business life.

Each Schiller graduate is urged to contact the Placement Office on the campus from which he or she is graduating no later than the beginning of the last semester of class work. This will enable the placement personnel to have sufficient time to work with the student in preparing a resume or Curriculum Vitae and with assistance in using the Internet and other methods to search out opportunities and potential job positions.

Career Day
The annual Career Day at the Heidelberg SIU campus is very much a Schiller-Alumni event: several Schiller graduates come back to school for a day to talk about the sunny and dark sides of their jobs, to give presentations of career opportunities at the companies where they are employed, or just to share some advice to the jobseekers of tomorrow.

Interested alumni should contact their own former Schiller campus, or the campus nearby, for such a presentation, which will be much appreciated by the current students from our big Schiller family.

Jobs & Internships
The following announcements and links are by no means exhaustive. While SIU seeks to keep this list up-to-date and to reference as many potential opportunities as possible, it relies upon students and staff, all stakeholders, to make suggestions. More offers can also be found on the notice boards at the campus.

The University would also like to remind prospective applicants that most employers look for transferable skills and competences. Students of IR should not hesitate to look for jobs or in-ternships in the private business sector any more than students of Business should neglect potential opportunities in the public sector. Accountants, human resource specialists, and op-erations managers are needed in all organizations, as are project managers generally and poli-cy analysts. Don’t let disciplinary inclinations dictate possible horizons professionally.

Consult the career officer and your academic advisers for further assistance in making your choices and preparing your applications.

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