Academic Support Services at Schiller International’s Heidelberg Campus

Academic Support Services
Academic Support Services : Schiller International University in Heidelberg provides in depth academic advising services and monitoring of academic progress through the registrar’s office and academic program advisors. The advisor/registrar reviews credits earned, grade point averages, completion rates, program requirements, University of RoeHampton requirements, personal challenges, double courses, course pre-requisites, and gives guidance on which courses to take when. The student is personally guided through his/her degree by the advisor to maximize student program completion.

SIU provides small class sizes allowing you to get to know your instructors and allowing your instructors to get to know you. Small class sizes also supports in depth discussion of course material.

Tutoring by a qualified tutor is available at SIU Heidelberg. A wide range of tutoring is available from math and statistics to academic writing and citing in APA format. Students simply need to contact the registrar or their instructor to arrange additional help.

At SIU Heidelberg we support some flexibility in course scheduling meaning that we do our best to take your specific situation into consideration when creating a schedule with you. Some students plan to make accelerated progress through their degree program while others may need an easier course load in light of other commitments. Your campus registrar works with you to ensure that you are registered for the courses facilitate your degree progress while understanding your individual needs to the extent possible.

From the first day you arrive on campus SIU staff are ready to help you be successful! We provide an extensive New Student Orientation that outlines policies, procedures, satisfactory academic progress standards, library operations, student portal functions, Blackboard functions, and student email access. In addition, we offer dissertation workshops and research skills workshops to provide you the tools you need to be a top performer. The librarian is available for individual training in the areas of research skills and using Blackboard. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Psychological support services contribute to student academic success in many cases. At SIU Heidelberg we offer on campus counseling with a certified psychotherapist, affording students an opportunity to discuss issues that may be obstacles to their academic or personal success.