Schiller International University Disclosures

Federal law

Federal law requires that we disclose to all students the terms and conditions of repayment of all charges. We are also required to retain a signed copy (either electronic or written) of this instrument of disclosure.

All students enrolled in courses at Schiller International University must sign the disclosure statement. Not signing a disclosure statement may cause a “hold” to be placed on university records, which may prohibit registration, receipt of university transcripts, filing for leave of absence, and receipt of a university diploma.

These are the data reported to ACICS by the institution in its most recent Campus Accountability Report.

Schiller International University provides complete graduation, retention and other statistics to the general public, including prospective students, as required by the US Department of Education (“ED”) via the Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System (“IPEDS”).  The latest summary of Graduation Rates is available for download and display by clicking here. Complete IPEDS statistics are provided by ED on their College Navigatorweb site by clicking here.

Links to other required disclosures are provided below.