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Career Services

We are dedicated to your success from the moment you enroll to graduation – and beyond. That’s why our Career Services department is on hand. Career Services provides assistance in finding the opportunities for work-study programs, internships, Optional Practical Training (OPT), and any other employment needs for new and current students as well as alumni. We offer workshops where you will be able to learn necessary skills to successfully enter the job market, and learn how to effectively present and conduct yourself for professional success. We also provide mentoring where you will gain additional skills so your career can flourish. Each student will have the opportunity to meet with us on a one-on-one basis, where we will be able to work together to create a successful career path for each individual. We can assist with:

  • Job searching skills and tactics
  • Interviewing skills
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Internship searches
  • Local networking
  • Work-study opportunities

If you are looking for a job, internship, or work-study position, be sure to access the resources below.

Web Resources

Career Fairs

For employers, a Career Fair is an opportunity to attract and screen hundreds of candidates to efficiently select promising ones for the future follow-up process. For students, a Career Fair is an opportunity to make “in person” contact with several organizations/companies of interest all at once.  To be a successful candidate at a Career Fair, a student should do the following:

  • Find out what companies will be present at the fair
  • Prepare at least two appropriate questions for each employer
  • Bring a sufficient supply of resumes placed in an attractive folder
  • Also bring a list of your references, but give those only per request
  • Arrive early and plan to stay late
  • Turn your cell phone off (and do not text!)
  • Do not travel in a group
  • Make sure that either your name tag or your student ID is visible
  • Offer a firm handshake, make eye contact, and show enthusiasm
  • Market your skills and abilities with a fast pace – “prepare your elevator speech”
  • Do not ask employers about salary
  • Do not simply take the gifts from the tables
  • Conduct yourself professionally at all times
  • Collect business cards
  • Say “thank you” every time
  • Consider visiting employers which are not on your list if you have time
  • Talk to as many employers and other attendees as you can – networking

If you are a current student who is graduating from Schiller International University, please be sure to access the following resources below:

Graduation Documents

Cap & Gown Ordering

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ACICS Definition of Placement

ACICS definition of placement. You can access the ACICS definition of placement and calculation formula from our home page at  ACICS institutions strive for high levels of student achievement through a comprehensive definition of placement with a well-defined rate calculation formula.

Career Services Department

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