Calendar And Locations – Come to Meet Us!

Come and Meet Us!

At our local campuses Heidelberg, Madrid, Paris, Tampa or anywhere in the world! Check out our next fairs and events!

When Where What
10th of January Madrid, Spain High School Fair - Colegio Aleman
15th of January Madrid, Spain High School Fair - Colegio Maravillas
16th of January Madrid, Spain Unitour
17th of January Madrid, Spain High School Fair - British Council School
18th of January Madrid, Spain High School Fair - Eurocolegio Casvi - Villaviciosa
27th - 28th of January Stuttgart, Germany Horizon fair
29th of January Malaga, Spain High School Visits - TBD
31st of January Malaga, Spain Unitour
12th - 14th of February Dubai, UAE ICEF Dubai
22nd - 24th of February Mannheim, Germany Jobs for Future
22nd of February Madrid, Spain High School Fair - Colegio Los Sauces Torrelodones
28th of February - 4th of March Madrid, Spain Aula
3rd - 4th of March Berlin, Germany Horizon fair
7th - 9th of March Belgrade, Serbia Education Fair
5th - 8th of March Mexico SRT IB Schools Tour
9th - 11th of March Paris, France Fair l'Etudiant
12th - 16th of March Costa Rica, Panama, Guate SRT IB Schools Tour
13th - 14th of March Malmö/Stockholm, Sweden College Day HS Fairs
20th - 23rd of March Spain SRT IB Schools Tour
26th of March - 2nd of April Indonesia,Cambodia, Vietnam FPPEDU
29th of March Haimhausen (Munich), Germany Bavarian HS
3rd of April Chennai, India EDUEXPOS India
5th of April Bangalore, India EDUEXPOS India
7th of April Delhi, India EDUEXPOS India
9th of April Mumbai, India EDUEXPOS India
19th of April San Diego, USA San Diego NCF
22nd of April Anaheim, USA Orange County NCF
24th of April Ontario, USA Inland Empire NCF
26th of April Los Angeles, USA Los Angeles NCF
28th of April San Francisco, USA San Francisco NCF
9th - 12th of April Texas, USA USA HS NACAC Fairs
12th of April Madrid, Spain High School Fair - Colegio Alarcon
15th - 17th of April Italy SRT IB Schools Tour
20th - 23rd of April East Coast, USA USA HS NACAC Fairs
16th - 26th of April California, USA USA HS NACAC Fairs
20th - 23rd of April Casablanca, Morocco Moroco Tour + L'Etudiant
9th of May Heidelberg, Germany USA Education
15th - 17th of May Cape Town, Sout Africa ICEF South Africa
16th of June Frankfurt, Germany ABI