Tourism Students Discover IFEMA

Tourism for the XXI Century


When you enter the realm of hospitality and tourism management, you realize how much of your career is based on the experience of others. Entrepreneurs who pursued their dreams of creating something that will have that wow effect or something that will develop their clients opportunities and resources. Therefore, much of the studies in this degree need to be outside of the classroom, learning from those who are developing these ideas now, for the future ahead.

That is exactly what we did at Schiller Madrid this week! We went to the biggest fair venue in Madrid, IFEMA, home of some of the largest trade shows in Europe, to talk to those that manage the day to day, the logistics, the experience that everyone has when visiting each of the events happening at IFEMA.

This was an enriching experience that reminded us how important it is to have a network of businessmen  and entrepreneurs around you that can invest their applied knowledge into our development as students.


Tourism for the XXI Century Tourism for the XXI Century Tourism for the XXI Century