The World of Business Finance

When learning business, it is important the students understand it is not only about the books and presentations, but also how the day to day world of business works. To truly understand this, you need to get out there and discover it and it’s  precisely what they did with Professor Alexandra Aaron!

Prof. Aaron took the students to visit the stock exchange, a place that historically used to be the busiest place for finance. This is to understand how the finance world is always changing, and it doesn’t stay stationary for long. Now with the technological advancements there is no need for a physical place to exchange stocks, but rather it can be done everywhere: office, home, even on the go… 

Nevertheless, every city still needs a business hub, an area where companies can come together and know this is the place business happens. That area is shifting here in Madrid from Azca to Chamartin, where the 4 towers are, so a visit was mandatory. No better way to learn about business than outside the walls of the classroom.