Student Trip to Budapest


In February some of the Paris Campus students went on a student trip to the beautiful city of Budapest. The Hungarian capital is a city with more than 1000 years of history right in the heart of Central Europe. It has a fantastic mix of fairy-tale architecture, soviet austerity and hipster cool. Our Schiller students explored the Parliament Building, the banks of the Danube river along with the main tourist attractions. The students loved the charm-filled Budapest and are already planning for their next trip to Greece this summer.





Ariana McAuley

Meet Ariana McAuley, Master student in International Relations and Diplomacy

Meet Ariana, our master student (International Relations and Diplomacy) at the Paris campus and hear what she says about her program and an internship she’s currently doing. 

Ariana McAuley, Master student in International Relations and Diplomacy


Ariana McAuley
From New Jersey, USA
Living in Paris
Master student in International Relations and Diplomacy

  • Tell us Ariana what you are currently doing:

I have recently started an internship in Paris with a company called Leaders League working under Find Your LL.M.
I am a business developer and a digital strategist.”

  • How is that related to your master program? 

“Many people have asked me what does that have to do with International Relations & Diplomacy. I always tell everyone IRD is a very broad field which allows me to work in various fields. For the purpose of my internship, I have to interact with with different law schools from all over the world.”

  • How have your master courses help you in that?

 “The courses that I have taken at Schiller Paris have prepared me for the workforce. I am now able to apply what was taught in class in the real world.”

  • What is your next step? 

I am planning to do MBA after I graduate from International Relations and Diplomacy program in few months.”

Good luck, Ariana!

art exhibition

Art Exhibition at the Paris Campus

Art Exhibition at the Paris Campus


Schiller International University is happy to announce a new art exhibition at its premises. English artist Oliver Bevan will be showing the essence of his last decade’s paintings exploring urban realism in its many forms and colors. The exhibition opens on January 19th and will run until March 17th 2018.

An illustrated talk will take place at the Marie du 1er arrondissement in Paris on January 18th at 6h30 pm.

Come to the opening and meet the artist at Schiller International Universiy’s Paris Campus on January 19th at 6h00 pm.

Oliver Bevan is an English artist born in Peterborough in 1941 and educated at Eton College. He studied painting at the Royal College of Art in London where he became strongly influenced by Op Art and in particular the work of Victor Vasarely.  Optical, geometric and kinetic art then served him well until the late 1970s when he moved to the Canada for a two-year teaching post at the University of Saskatchewan. By the time he returned to London in 1979 he had abandoned abstract art in favor of  figurative realism and urban realism. He has been living in the south of France for the last 17 years and has developed and perfected his style.


Student Council 2017-2018

SIU Paris Student Council 2017 -2018

Student Council 2017-2018

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff

I am delighted to announce the election results of this year’s Student Council elections and the creation of the student council of the Paris campus of Schiller International University.  Participation in the election was fantastic with almost 3 out of 4 students voting. Congratulations and credit are due to the four students who campaigned for the student council. Many thanks for their dynamism and spirit!

Without further ado, here is your Student Council resulting from the Fall 2017 elections:

President – Ariana McAuley
Secretary – Rebeca Belkacemi
Treasurer – Thato Mphuti

Contact email:

The Campus staff and faculty look forward to working them, just as I am sure the Campus student body looks forward to their drive and initiative!


James Brown, PhD.

Student Council 2017-2018


















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UNESCO student video contest

Paris campus MA IRD student, Hobinirina Razafindramaka, wins UNESCO student video contest


Unesco Hobinirina
    Congratulations to Paris campus MA IRD student, Hobinirina Razafindramaka, winner of today’s #IPDCtalks student video contest.
She impressed an international panel of judges by answering “Powering Sustainable Development with Access to Information”:
  • Why is access to information the critical currency for us to survive in the modern world?
  • What should duty-bearers (governments, the media, and international organizations) play to protect and promote the right to access to information?
  • And what kind of impact does it have for a sustainable future, e.g. with regards to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals?”

    Hobinirina’s winning video will be shared on the official UNESCO social media channels which will reach millions of people worldwide.

    Bravo Hobinirina!