Matrícula DELE 2016

Instrucciones de Matrícula DELE 2016

Convocatoria de exámenes:

I) 21 de mayo

Niveles: B1, B2, C1 y C2
Matrícula: Del 15 de febrero al 13 de abril

II) 26 de noviembre

Niveles: A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2
Matrícula: Del 15 de febrero al 19 de octubre
Instrucciones de Pago Información bancaria : IBAN: ES15 2100 4380 2102 0006 5490 Código Swift/BIC: CAIXESBBXXX Cuenta Nº: 2100 4380 2102 0006 5490 Nombre de la Cuenta : Schiller International University Banco: La Caixa Dirección: Glorieta Ruiz Gimenez, 3, 28015 Madrid, Spain Pago directo Se puede pagar directamente en cualquier sucursal de La Caixa. Hay que incluir toda la información bancaria junto con el nombre al efectuar los pagos.

Schiller Professor Gour Saraf Book Presentation “Two Allied Cuisines”

Schiller International University requests the pleasure of your company for Professor Gour Saraf´s book “Two Allied Cuisines” on Spanish and Indian Cuisine to be held at: SIU Madrid Campus on September 29 , 2016 at 7.30 pm. _The Presentation will be followed by a Cocktail_ “Reading means travelling by oneself ” Juan Gelman says, the book ” Two Allied kitchens ” written by Gour Saraff and Alex Spice it is an example of this. The book discovers not very well known aspects of the Hindu cuisine and talks about Spanish cuisine, Mediterranean diet and health; the conductive thread of the book is Gour’s trips. The book contains recipes with the proposal to enrich some plates of the Spanish cuisine with 7 indian spices to enhance not only its flavor but also to improve our health, an overall revolution. The book is meant for foodies but also for those who agree with Hipócrates, on the thought ” that your food is your medicine “.

Inspiring Talks by Maria Benjumea

About Maria Benjumea:

My biggest investment (gamble) is in the development of people. I am my own startup.

Maria Benjumea is one of the most important figures in Spain, the business world, and entrepreneurship. After graduating with a Geography and History degree, she went on to open her first company in 1980: an antiques shop that served as an art gallery that also offered restoration and conservation services to its clientele. Always ready to meet new challenges, at age 40, she decided to take a chance on a new idea: creating Infoempleo, a pioneering service in internet job search.

Infoempleo started in 1994 and was her first major success: it became the first job portal in Spain who opted for the concept of “professional network” as a framework for career management and talent. More than four million people are part of this system of intermediation with companies, serving both unemployed, as well working professionals seeking new opportunities.

María Benjumea remains president and shareholder of Infoempleo, however for the last two years the Vocento group has taken over the management of the company. Giving her the opportunity to invest in her latest project Spain Startup & Investor Summit. Last October they held in Madrid the second edition of Spain Startup & Investor Summit, where highly innovative Spanish companies were present seeking to find investors from different parts of Europe and Silicon Valley.