Meet Jeanette Espinal, Schiller University’s Corporate Registrar.

Staff Spotlight, Jeanette Espinal

Staff Spotlight, Jeanette Espinal

Meet Jeanette Espinal, Schiller University’s Corporate Registrar.  Jeanette has been working with SIU since the beginning of 2017 and has been in the industry for over 7 years.  She begun in the Financial Aid department, then moved to the Registrar department and most recently served as a Campus President.  Jeanette describes herself as seeing things in “black and white”, which is why she enjoys her job and the compliance aspect of it in abundance.   She sees the role of the registrar in any school as the “central piece of the puzzle the keeps the whole puzzle connected”, while maintaining the academic integrity and carrying out the mission of the University.

Personally, Jeanette is from Jersey with roots from  the Dominican Republic and is very proud of her heritage.  When asked what her hobby is, she explained that it’s enjoying different cuisine from around the world. Before moving to the Tampa Bay area she lived in West Palm Beach, where she goes back often to see her family.

Welcome Jeanette!!!!

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