Schiller Heidelberg Culture Fest

SIU Heidelberg Campus Culture Fest is a wonderful event where the Schiller student community will come together to showcase our diversity and hidden talents! Students will display their traditional food for everyone to taste, and have a great time meeting up with new students! A DJ will be there to play traditional music from different cultures.

The official schedule: October 13th 2016 (Thursday)

Time: 5:00-7:30 pm

Location: at the campus Student Lounge

Schiller Programs Receive German Seal of Quality

Schiller International University is one of the first American Universities to receive programmatic accreditation in the German State of Baden Württemberg. All eight study programs offered at the Heidelberg campus were accredited on 19 Sept, 2016, by the German accrediting agency, EVALAG. EVALAG is one of twelve accrediting agencies authorized by the German Accrediting Council to issue certificates of accreditation. The certificate of accreditation certifies that Schiller meets the fundamental quality requirements for Bachelor and Master degree programs at a higher learning institution in Germany. Schiller International University – Heidelberg Campus degree programs have been reviewed for quality and conformity to the programmatic standards set forth by the German accrediting council and have received the “Certification of Accreditation” by the German accrediting agency EVALG. SIU is authorized by the Ministry of Science, Culture and Research to offer its American degree programs within the State of Baden Württemberg as per § 72 Section 3 Landeshochschulgesetz.

Model UN – Brno, CZ

Victor Popov has received an honorable mention and Cynthia Toemmler, Ryan Sherring and Chris Ross won best delegate of all three committees. Model UN is a fantastic way to debate, meet new people and have lots of fun. If any of SIU students are interested in joining, please get in contact with Chris Ross, Cynthia Toemmler, Victor Popov and Ryan Sherring. 

BIG congratulations to our Schiller students!!!

Come and study in English in Germany

Come and study in English in Germany


Learn how to study and live in Germany. Follow this link ( and get answers on all questions you might have. Welcome to Germany, Welcome to Schiller International University!

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