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Food Without Borders – An International Experience

Every year Schiller Madrid prepares an activity called Food Without Borders, held by Professor José Pinto as a part of our Cross-Cultural Communication class. This event is also frequented by all of our Madrid students and staff, as it is difficult to resist the enticing aromas floating around campus that day. Participants from our diverse student body each bring something to the table related to their culture, and the best dish wins a prize by popular vote.

Professor Pinto is an expert on multicultural communication and teaches his students the do’s and don’ts of doing business on a global scale, an integral part of our International Business program. For their final project, students are divided into groups and have to open a Schiller campus in a country of their choice. Aside from the hard work this project entails, there is the added pressure of the groups having to present in front of the President of Schiller International University, Dr. Manuel Alonso Puig, along with other esteemed members of the faculty. This years winning team brought forth the idea of opening a new Schiller Campus in Seoul, South Korea. Who knows, perhaps that’s where we’ll see Schiller’s next campus!


Madrid Students - Food Without Borders

International Management Skills Workshop

International Management Skills Workshop

Join us at Schiller Madrid on November 15th at 12 pm for our International Management Skills Workshop, organized by our Student & Career Services department.

Wim Zwaenepoel, a specialist in cross-cultural communication, will be guiding us through the steps on how to expand your international career.

Wim has 7 years of international experience in a legal environment (lawyer, inhouse, contract manager and support of HR), combined with 8 years of experience in training, coaching and recruiting of high-potential talent. His specialties include job search coaching and counseling; talent & career development; soft skills program design and delivery; business contract drafting and negotiation; regulatory affairs, and payroll, just to name a few. 

Don’t miss it!


International Management Skills Workshop

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