Special February Seminar: Harnessing Your Potential for Leadership

+ Do you aspire to a leadership position in your career? + Do you have the potential to become an effective + Do you know how organizations identify and develop leadership talent? + What initiatives can you take, in your current position, to enhance your capabilities as a leader? At Schiller, your educational program (Business; IT; Nursing, etc) will provide you with the knowledge and competence for initial employment in your career field. However, some of you aspire to become supervisors, managers, and leaders in the organizations you will join after you graduate. Leadership is an important component of every profession. But, leadership has its own unique set of competencies. This Seminar is designed to enhance and enrich your current educational program by providing an opportunity to explore your potential for leadership and take some initiative in your own career planning. See Gloria in Student Services to register and get a Brochure on the seminar that provides more information and an outline of the four sessions.