SIU Trip – Marketplace Discovery


University is filled with those courses that cannot be understood unless you experience them in the professional field. That is why our professors at SIU are constantly looking for new opportunities for our students to discover these areas.

One example of this is our trip to “Mercado de la Paz,” an event hosted by Edgar Barroso, Professor and Director of our Hospitality and Tourism program. During the excursion, our students from the Food and Beverage Management class had the opportunity to see firsthand how they can develop a successful business model around this concept.

El Mercado de la Paz is a traditional marketplace established in 1882 close to where the Schiller Madrid campus is located in the Salamanca neighborhood. It is one of the most renowned marketplaces in the district, due to its modern design with iron work and is always bustling during lunch time everyday of the week.

The marketplace has more than 60 booths offering a great variety of products for everyone to enjoy, including our students who did not miss the opportunity, not only to learn how to select products for their future businesses, but to enjoy the select Spanish delicacies served in every corner.