SIU Talk – Innovation At Its Core


On Friday we had the opportunity to meet Wim Zwaenepoel for another crash course. This time the talk focused on the importance of innovation and creativity, especially its effects on today’s society.

During the talk, Wim stressed the importance that innovation is not necessarily something entirely new, but it aso includes the improvements or reconditioning of something historical. Companies must learn to practice innovation in order to maintain their position in a competitive market, along with adapting to changes in society.

Following this thought, startups play an important role. Now more than ever entrepreneurship has become a trend, one that will surely continue within our student body long after graduation. The new motto is, “reinvent or die,” and it surely serves as a powerful explanation of today’s business world, where everyone is not only welcome to innovation, but expected to be innovative. As one of the professors present during the talk pointed out, this does not mean that all innovation is good, or that we should remove everything that does not seem “new” or “redesigned,” therefore we need to approach innovation carefully. Ever the more reason for us to continue exploring the redefinition of different business models, work environments and products that we have previously taken for granted as different students from our International Business program described.

The talk ended with some speculation about what the future might hold. During the coming decade, robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence will become key elements in businesses all around the world. An invitation for all to approach technology as part of education, work, and leisure, developing new ways to use what we have and create what we want to see.

Thank you to all who attended the SIU Talk, our prestigious speaker, and for our amazing Student Services Department for organizing the event.