SIU Talk – Dreaming the Impossible

SIU Talk - Dreaming the Impossibe


Our professors here at SIU Madrid are always inviting new entrepreneurs and CEO’s who think outside the box, in order to inspire our students to dream the impossible. Pablo Fernández, Co-Founder of, was with us this week sharing his experience about how he came from  humble beginnings to become co-founder of a company that is reshaping the business model for used cars sales.

During this SIU Talk, Pablo emphasized the true meaning of success and the important role that failure plays into it. When describing his journey he said, “Failure is needed if we are to succeed in any area of life. Don’t stress when you fail, it is part of the process.” He encouraged our students to dream the impossible, knowing that he is a clear representation of how everyone can achieve what they want in life if they just set their minds on a goal, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship.

The company he co-founded is unique in its approach to building relationships with clients. Due to the fact that car salesmen have not always had the best reputations, building trust is a key element for Pablo, so they have created their company around the client’s expectation and their ability to listen to every customer; to deliver not only a product but the best service one can provide. This has been their focus from the beginning and it is what has made so successful. They want to provide the customer not only with an excellent product, but also with a unique experience.

Here at Schiller International University, we feel deeply connected to Pablo’s vision – the time students spend here is not only for them to acquire the knowledge they need for the workplace, but also a one-of-a-kind experience that will have a big impact on their future.

We are so grateful to Professor Jose Pinto for arranging this amazing SIU Talk that has surely left its footprint, encouraging all of us to dream the impossible.