SIU Madrid Visits Coca-Cola

SIU Madrid Visits Coca-Cola

Being a student at Schiller International University is not only about the classes, books, and long hours studying, but also about the amazing opportunities to discover the business world that surround our culture. That is why our faculty and staff are constantly thinking about giving our students a glimpse of what the business world outside our walls is like.

This week our students had the opportunity to visit the Coca-Cola Factory in Valencia, Spain. There, they had the chance to visit the museum and get to know more about the company and how it rose to where it is today. The visit was scheduled by our Graduate Program Director, Edgar Barroso, as part of the activities that our students have throughout the semester. It encouraged our students to further their knowledge in pursuit of their goals and enriched their university experience.

The Coca-Cola company is an American multinational beverage corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia. Its main source of revenue comes from manufacturing, distributing and selling nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups all over the world.

Coca-Cola’s Vision:

  • To refresh the world…
  • To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…
  • To create value and make a difference.

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