SIU Events – Stock Exchange & Casa de la Moneda

Madrid Stock Building


Last week our students had the opportunity to visit the Stock Exchange and the “Casa de la Moneda” Museum, which gave them a glance into Europe and America’s economical history, and enriches their understanding of this month’s course. During our Macroeconomics class, we want our students to realize that if we are to understand the importance of the economy, we need to come in contact with the institution that serves as its structure.

The Stock Exchange in Madrid was opened by Queen Maria Cristina on May 7, 1893, and has remained until present day with the original design of architect Enrique de Repullés intact. During the visit, students could engage with the country’s history and how the stock market has developed from its early days, from the busy centre of commerce and complex decision-making arena it once was, to a representation, a symbol of everything that now occurs through sophisticated banking systems.

The students also had the chance to visit the “Casa de la Moneda” Museum, a place where Spain’s currency history can be admired and studied together with its rises and falls. Starting from the Phoenicians and Greeks, we can see how the Western world has developed its economy through currency and commerce, evolving during the Roman empire and its development after the colonization of the Americas.

Surely, one of the best ways to understand the value of business studies, is to see the undeniable role it has played throughout different civilizations, as well as it does today. It is only by understanding this that we are able to grow and develop the future of economics. We are grateful to Professor and Head of Studies, Alexandra Aaron, for organizing this wonderful trip.