Madrid Stock Building

SIU Events – Stock Exchange & Casa de la Moneda


Last week our students had the opportunity to visit the Stock Exchange and the “Casa de la Moneda” Museum, which gave them a glance into Europe and America’s economical history, and enriches their understanding of this month’s course. During our Macroeconomics class, we want our students to realize that if we are to understand the importance of the economy, we need to come in contact with the institution that serves as its structure.

The Stock Exchange in Madrid was opened by Queen Maria Cristina on May 7, 1893, and has remained until present day with the original design of architect Enrique de Repullés intact. During the visit, students could engage with the country’s history and how the stock market has developed from its early days, from the busy centre of commerce and complex decision-making arena it once was, to a representation, a symbol of everything that now occurs through sophisticated banking systems.

The students also had the chance to visit the “Casa de la Moneda” Museum, a place where Spain’s currency history can be admired and studied together with its rises and falls. Starting from the Phoenicians and Greeks, we can see how the Western world has developed its economy through currency and commerce, evolving during the Roman empire and its development after the colonization of the Americas.

Surely, one of the best ways to understand the value of business studies, is to see the undeniable role it has played throughout different civilizations, as well as it does today. It is only by understanding this that we are able to grow and develop the future of economics. We are grateful to Professor and Head of Studies, Alexandra Aaron, for organizing this wonderful trip.

Tunisian Ambassador

Tunisian Conference – Ambassador Wacef Chiha


On Wednesday we had the opportunity to welcome Wacef Chiha, the Tunisian Ambasssador in Spain, to Schiller’s Madrid campus. Arranged by Schiller’s own Dr. Rafe Jabari, his Excellency Wacef Chiha led the conference on the Tunisian transition towards democracy, in which he described the history of the country and key aspects of this movement.

Ambassador Chiha started the conference by briefly describing the current situation in Tunisia, a country that has achieved passing the most progressive constitution of the Arabic world, and that is currently moving towards empowering women and Tourism as leading factors to secure an open democracy.

While describing the nation’s history, Ambassador Chiha was resolute, “the only element that has proven to be successful when starting democracy is education,” where other countries try imposing this by force, it is by wisdom and knowledge that truly creates a lasting change in society. This can be seen since the country’s early days and was key when gaining independence from France, which was less traumatic than those of its neighboring countries because it was based on negotiation rather than fought for.

Tunisia’s constitution of 2014 was a great achievement when solidifying a quorum between political parties, Islamic and Laic. Being accepted by all parties stated the importance of a civil state separating religion from its governance and creating the opportunity for an open democratic state.

When describing the country’s current situation, the Ambassador was confident that this transition has helped strengthening its relations to Europe, Spain in particular, giving way to a growing Tourism sector.

We are extremely grateful for Ambassador Chiha’s chat, and all the diplomats and ministers present at the conference together with the Madrid Campus Director, Isabel Campbell, and Schiller’s President, Dr. Alonso Manuel Puig. This was an amazing opportunity to gain insight into the evolving democracy in North Africa and how this will impact international relations between Spain and Tunisia.

Tunisian Transition and its Relation to Spain


University has always been the place were knowledge, wisdom and experience is passed on to new generations. For our student body, especially our International Relations and Diplomacy students, understanding a country’s culture and government and how it relates to other regions of the world is key to their future development.

We are honored to be a part of the diplomatic conference hosted by his Excellency the Ambassador of Tunisia in Spain, Mr. Wacef Chiha, who will introduce us to the “Tunisian Transition and its Relation to Spain”.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to gain insight into the evolving democracy in North Africa and how this will impact international relations between Spain and Tunisia on Wednesday at 10am at Schiller’s Madrid campus.


Student Trip to the Palace of Versailles


Last month our students went on a trip to the beautiful Versailles Palace. The palace was built by the most extravagant French king – Louis XIV and used to be the royal residence. Playground of the French monarchs, Versailles was the center of royal and political power until the French Revolution. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an emblem of the Golden Age of France. The students had the chance to see the opulent gardens of Versailles and the domain of Marie-Antoinette with their impressive collection of fountains and garden mazes.


Versailles Schiller International University
Versailles Schiller International University Paris



2018 Commencement Ceremony for SIU Heidelberg Campus Graduates!



“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”
— William Arthur Ward


The 2018 Commencement Ceremony for Schiller International University – Heidelberg Campus Graduates


will be held on Friday, May 4th, 2018 at 3:00pm at the Hotel Molkenkur in Heidelberg.

There will be one ceremony and limitation on student guests.


Participating graduates must RSVP for Commencement by March 31st, 2018 with our Registrar, Dawn Brlecic (, to reserve ticket for yourself and your guests.



We look forward to welcoming our graduates, their friends, and family for a wonderful celebration of their achievements!