Student Trip to Budapest


In February some of the Paris Campus students went on a  student trip to the beautiful city of Budapest. The Hungarian capital is a city with more than 1000 years of history right in the heart of Central Europe. It has a fantastic mix of fairy-tale architecture, soviet austerity and hipster cool. Our Schiller students explored the Parliament Building, the banks of the Danube river along with the main tourist attractions. The students loved the charm-filled Budapest and are already planning for their next trip to Greece this summer.





15th International Educational Fair – EDUfair™ 2018 in Serbia, Belgrade on March 9th and 10th


First time ever Schiller ( will exhibit and present at the Education Fair – EduFair in Serbia, Belgrade 2018. (
Fair will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Impulse Hall) on 9th and 10th of March, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Our team will make presentations on both days, presenting advantages of an higher education at multiple locations. All interested can also meet us at the Booth 18 during the Fair.


* 1:30 PM — 2:00 PM
”Schiller International University – Benefits of a university with multiple locations – Branislav Lujic, Director of Admissions and Marketing” 

Do not miss the opportunity to listen to the presentation and attend the workshop!


EDUFair 2018 Intro:

For 15 years now, the leading education fair in the region, EDUfair™, has been helping future students to make the right choice of their education and future careers. Over 100 local and foreign universities and colleges from 15 countries showcase their education offering to future students from Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Under the motto “And, what are you going to study?” they have been a faithful partner and advisor to more than 65,000 young people who have visited the fair. The opening ceremony on March 9. at 12 noon will be attended by the Minister of Education, university rectors, deans, professors, ambassadors and representatives of the media. EDUfair is a fine opportunity for visitors to enrich their spirit and expand their knowledge through free workshops for students and teachers: Speed Reading, Brilliant Learning, Nonverbal Communication, Effective Listening, Career Counseling, How to apply for a scholarship, Student visas and many more.

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SIU Talk - Travelingua

SIU Talk – Travelingua, Opening Doors to Employment in the USA


Travelingua is a Spanish organization that works with American companies in order to provide students with Internship programs and employment opportunities in the USA. The company works to organize these internships and make them accessible for students from all over the world. These internships encompass a wide range of positions, such as working at camps, to working in amusement parks, or even working alongside top level executives of certain businesses. Most internships take place during the summer months, with some being year round.

Travelingua aims to ease the process by taking care of the visa that is needed for foreigners in order to work in the USA, along with providing students with health insurance, a 24/7 help system, and many other services. Students or recent graduates now have an easy, helpful way to find internships and work programs within the United States that can help them to build their future career plans.

During the SIU Talk – Employment and Internships in the USA, Lucía Viudes from Travelingua was able to convey the company’s main goal, and it is a strong one. Internships are a helpful tool before entering today’s competitive job market. Having practical, hands-on experience will separate tentative job candidates, making students appear much more attractive to potential employers. The fact that Travelingua takes care of the entire visa process is also an important one, as it is the hardest part of being able to work in the United States for non-nationals.Students are also granted a grace period after their internship in order to travel around the United States.

Students, both American and non-American, should undoubtedly take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, as they can have the best summer of their life while working and preparing for their future.

We are extremely grateful to our hardworking Career Services Department for putting together this informative SIU Talk.

SIU Talk - Parafina Group Photo

SIU Talk – Parafina Co.


Our esteemed faculty here at Schiller’s Madrid Campus is always looking for ways to show our students the different business opportunities waiting for them outside these campus walls. One of the most appealing is of course, the path of entrepreneurship. Although this option might seemingly be “on trend” to some, it is nevertheless, a very challenging route. This is why we never miss the chance of bringing interesting startups, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s who think outside of the box, to come and share their experience in our SIU Talks with our hopeful and future business owners.

On Thursday, February 8th, our students met and heard from Fon de Luján, one of the founders and CEO’s of Parafina Co, a company that manufactures and sells sunglasses made of recycled materials and donates a fraction of their proceeds to NGO’s that improve and implement schools in underprivileged countries.

These are not simply good deeds that the company executes, but are rather pillars of their global mission. Socially aware and eco-friendly, Parafina Co, has found its place in the Business to Business market as a provider for retailers such as El Corte Inglés, the Spanish superpower that forms the largest department store group in Europe and ranks fourth worldwide. Parafina has also collaborated with different brands such as Chupa Chups.

De Lujan was extremely candid during his SIU Talk, and opened up to the students about some of their failures and struggles and shared about how they grew and learned from those experiences. He also encouraged our students to create something new and gave them key tools on how to accomplish their goals by answering questions during the final Q&A.

We are so grateful to Fon de Lujan and our Undergraduate Program Director, Jose B. Pinto, for this amazing SIU Talk, and are looking forward to the next one!

Parafina & Co

SIU Talk- A Company’s Vision


The necessity of confronting and facing real-life and professional situations is one of the most challenging and stimulating experiences for a student. Therefore, Schiller International University’s Madrid campus will host a special session where students from all over the world will hear from a national successful company with great future projections.

After welcoming companies such as El Ganso, One Oak brand and Yamimoto, our International Business program course on Multicultural Competency for Business will host Parafina & Co, a disruptive brand that creates sunglasses and RX eyewear which blend unique and eco-friendly materials with a radical inspiration and a strong social trigger. During the session, Fon de Luján, one of its co-creators, will share with the students everything about Parafina & Co’s business project and the challenge of creating a successful model.

Throughout the duration of the course, the students will have the opportunity to design, structure and present several international market expansion plans adapted to the brand’s DNA. Every participant will pick a different country and present the expansion proposal to the CEO. Thanks to their proposal, Parafina & Co will get useful and key considerations regarding their expansion process.

The presentation will take place at Schiller’s Madrid campus on Thursday, February 8th at 13h. Feel free to drop by and hear more from this unique company.