Graduation at Schiller Madrid

Our Annual graduation ceremony was held last week here at Schiller International University´s Madrid campus. It was an unforgettable evening with students, family, friends, professors, and all those that were a part of the journey that led to this moment.

Everything we do as a university here leads to this moment, when the students finish their courses and embark on their career. Some will continue here in Madrid, some will go back home, and some will go on new adventures, taking with them not only knowledge, but the experience acquired between the walls of our institution.

It was a day for both our Undergraduate and Graduate students to celebrate together the time spent in this adventure and the journey ahead. As our guest speaker Richard Vaughan, CEO and founder of Vaughan Group said, “Remember it’s all about the long run,” you continue a journey that will define you and the ones around you, run your race, it’s a long one, but a rewarding one.

We have seen you from walking through the door through your admissions process to graduation, every struggle and success, always looking at your passion and determination to creating a better tomorrow. Now we truly believe that the best is yet to come for each of you.

Finally, we want to remember all those that were involved in the process. You encouraged us to dream far beyond our imagination. Thank you, we could not have made it without you.

Schiller Madrid Graduation

Schiller Madrid Graduation Schiller Madrid Graduation Schiller Madrid Graduation Schiller Madrid Graduation Schiller Madrid Graduation

Schiller students at the United Nations Headquarters in New York

Last month our students from the Model United Nations Club at the Paris Campus had the amazing opportunity of attending the Model United Nations Conference in New York.  The Model United Nations conferences include interactions with Secretariat members and sessions are held at UN Headquarters in New York.
Our students went there as delegates representing São Tomé and Príncipe, an African island nation located in the Gulf of Guinea.
It was a 5 days conference discussing global issues in which our very own represented Schiller International University and made us proud.

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SIU Talk - Dreaming the Impossibe

SIU Talk – Dreaming the Impossible


Our professors here at SIU Madrid are always inviting new entrepreneurs and CEO’s who think outside the box, in order to inspire our students to dream the impossible. Pablo Fernández, Co-Founder of, was with us this week sharing his experience about how he came from  humble beginnings to become co-founder of a company that is reshaping the business model for used cars sales.

During this SIU Talk, Pablo emphasized the true meaning of success and the important role that failure plays into it. When describing his journey he said, “Failure is needed if we are to succeed in any area of life. Don’t stress when you fail, it is part of the process.” He encouraged our students to dream the impossible, knowing that he is a clear representation of how everyone can achieve what they want in life if they just set their minds on a goal, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Continue reading “SIU Talk – Dreaming the Impossible”

SIU Trip – Marketplace Discovery


University is filled with those courses that cannot be understood unless you experience them in the professional field. That is why our professors at SIU are constantly looking for new opportunities for our students to discover these areas.

One example of this is our trip to “Mercado de la Paz,” an event hosted by Edgar Barroso, Professor and Director of our Hospitality and Tourism program. During the excursion, our students from the Food and Beverage Management class had the opportunity to see firsthand how they can develop a successful business model around this concept.

El Mercado de la Paz is a traditional marketplace established in 1882 close to where the Schiller Madrid campus is located in the Salamanca neighborhood. It is one of the most renowned marketplaces in the district, due to its modern design with iron work and is always bustling during lunch time everyday of the week.

The marketplace has more than 60 booths offering a great variety of products for everyone to enjoy, including our students who did not miss the opportunity, not only to learn how to select products for their future businesses, but to enjoy the select Spanish delicacies served in every corner.


SIU Talk – Innovation At Its Core


On Friday we had the opportunity to meet Wim Zwaenepoel for another crash course. This time the talk focused on the importance of innovation and creativity, especially its effects on today’s society.

During the talk, Wim stressed the importance that innovation is not necessarily something entirely new, but it aso includes the improvements or reconditioning of something historical. Companies must learn to practice innovation in order to maintain their position in a competitive market, along with adapting to changes in society.

Following this thought, startups play an important role. Now more than ever entrepreneurship has become a trend, one that will surely continue within our student body long after graduation. The new motto is, “reinvent or die,” and it surely serves as a powerful explanation of today’s business world, where everyone is not only welcome to innovation, but expected to be innovative. As one of the professors present during the talk pointed out, this does not mean that all innovation is good, or that we should remove everything that does not seem “new” or “redesigned,” therefore we need to approach innovation carefully. Ever the more reason for us to continue exploring the redefinition of different business models, work environments and products that we have previously taken for granted as different students from our International Business program described.

The talk ended with some speculation about what the future might hold. During the coming decade, robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence will become key elements in businesses all around the world. An invitation for all to approach technology as part of education, work, and leisure, developing new ways to use what we have and create what we want to see.

Thank you to all who attended the SIU Talk, our prestigious speaker, and for our amazing Student Services Department for organizing the event.