Mr. Lujic presenting at ACICS conference

Our Directors of Admissions, Mr. Branislav Lujic from the **Heidelberg Campus** and Mr. Keith Tomlinson from **Largo**, were chosen to present at the **5th annual ACICS conference 2015** in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 27-29th at The Cosmopolitan. Schiller International University (SIU) has received accreditation by the [Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)]( since 1983. The presentation is entitled: Best practices in International student recruitment and retention. Worldwide, international student enrollments at institutions of higher education have more than quadrupled over the past three decades, from 1.1 million in 1985 to approximately 4.5 million in 2012. This presentation will highlight the benefits of enrolling International Students to your school; retention, cultural awareness, and the benefits of international scholarship. The various segments to international recruitment will also be underlined, making this presentation a necessity to any school looking to increase its international student population and/or enrich its cultural diversity. “We are very excited to have Branislav Lujic present at the conference,” states Jeanine Ford, Vice President of Administration at ACICS. “His presentation will be beneficial to our members and something to add to every education professional’s institutional toolkit.” Currently the Director of admissions for Europe at Schiller International University, Branislav Lujic has had over 8 years of experience in international student recruitment from the University of Phoenix and Schiller international University. For more information on the presenters and the conference, please visit the [ACICS Annual Conference webpage]( Tags: [acics](

Considering an international career?

How about studying in **four** different countries, **two** different without the hassle of the paperwork credit transfer involved in changing from one college to another? Well, at Schiller International University you can start your [Bachelor degree]( program in [Heidelberg](, then move to [Madrid]( for a few month, hop off to [Florida]( for you [Master](, and finally graduate in [Paris](! The ideal start for an **international career**, both in the [International Relations]( field or in [Business]( ### Want to know more? Let us get in [touch with you]( and help you to get started with your Schiller life. Tags: [“only at Schiller”](

New Campus Director

Effective on January, 1 2015 Dr. **James Brown** has been appointed as new Paris **Campus Director**. James Brown is a US Citizen who has been living in Paris for many years. He has served as manager, professor and scholar at the Catholic University of Paris, Ecole Centrale de Paris, Sciences Po Paris, University of York (UK), Mantes University Institute of Technology (France), University of Paris 1- Sorbonne and University of Cergy- Pontoise (France). He holds a PhD in Philosophy (**University of Paris X**), a Master in Philosophy (**University of Paris- 1 Sorbonne**), a Master in Political Studies (**Science Po Paris**), and a B.A. in Political Science with specialization in International Relations (**McGill University, Quebec**). He is very happy to be joining the Schiller International community and its rich tradition of international education. He and his team look forward to making the Paris campus the gateway leading to international opportunities for current and future students. Tags: [James Brown](

Transition to e-textbooks

As of August (for online classes) and September (for on-ground classes) SIU will start rolling out electronic textbooks instead of hardcopies. Students acquire access to the textbook automatically with registration for a class. We will use the VitalSource Technologies platform, which allows download and print during course availability dates onto 4 different devices: Desktop, laptop, tablet (Kindle, not Nook), smartphone. All books will be enriched with interactive media and allow highlighting, writing notes, sharing, search online, etc. The books will be accessible through our online learning platform Blackboard. In Blackboard, you will have to click on the e-book link on the left side to open your e-book by clicking on the book cover. At that point you will have to create a one-time only account with VitalSource Bookshelf by entering your Schiller email and a password so you may access the books for up to 2 years after the class has ended. Students and faculty get all access details sent to their Schiller email account. Access and distribution will be organized centrally by the Largo campus. All campuses will be using U.S. editions, textbook lists and syllabi will be standardized for all campuses. For local support you can contact the library staff. Through the introduction of e-textbooks and the standardization of processes the school aspires to provide the same educational excellence and experience for all of our students worldwide. Tags: [e-textbooks](

Memorandum of Understanding with Chandigarh University

## Memorandum of Understanding with Chandigarh University During their recent visit to India the SIU team has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with one of the leading Indian Universities, [Chandigarh University]( in Punjab. This new cooperation will enable students from Chandigarh and SIU to **spend semester abroad** and will allow **faculty exchange programs** that will strengthen academic value for both universities. In the famous New Delhi Taj Mahal Hotel the MOU was signed by the Chandigarh University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. R.S. Bawa and our European Director of Admissions, Branislav Lujic (see photo).