APB – Admission Post Bac

What is APB?

So much talk of the APB. But what is APB exactly? If you know any French High-schoolers, you may well have heard speaking of the APB. But what is it exactly and why are we hearing this word so much at the moment?

The APB, A.K.A ‘Admission Post Bac’, where post bac (after the ‘bac’) refers to the baccalaureate, is the exam French students take upon completing high-school, is the University Admissions online portal they use to apply to Universities in France. Students have up until March to complete their applications for all standard universities starting in September. It can be a rather stressful and complicated process, with students only receiving answers in the summer months.

SIU as an alternative to APB

However, there is an alternative to the drawn-out APB process. Here at Schiller, you can apply for registration directly. No need to spend hours trawling through the portal, no need to anxiously wait to know where you will be studying, with Schiller you will know within a week whether your application has been successful or not. Furthermore, with our monthly intake system, you can pick up your studies when best suits you! Offering both bachelor and masters degrees, Schiller students specialize in international business, business administration, and international relations and diplomacy. So if you are thinking of furthering your studies, and like the idea of being part of a multi-national and active student body in Paris consider Schiller as an option for your future. Do you think our offer fits your idea of a truly international higher education? Would you like to receive more information about our philosophy of education?


TOEFL iBT Center in Paris 15th

As of December 2015, SIU Paris is also a recognized TOEFL iBT examination center. Conveniently located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, our test rooms can accommodate up to 45 candidates who wish to pass the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL©) in France, and in particular the TOEFL-iBT© (Internet Based Test).

What is TOEFL iBT?

Along with IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEIC, TOEFL© is one of the major English-language tests accepted by English-speaking academic and professional institutions all over the world, and often a requirement for Bachelor or Master Degrees.
Organized in four separate sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing), has a maximum score of 120 points (30 per section).



Register for a TOEFL© Exam Session

Candidates can register for the iBT  test only through ETS portal.

For more information about TOEFL iBT and how to train, see also:


On the south bank of central Paris, we are close to metro stations Vaugirard and Convention (line 12).

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“My Louisiana Love”

Join us on Campus for the screening of Monique Verdin’s latest documentary My Louisiana Love about a young Native American woman who returns to her family in Southeast Louisiana to find a man-made environmental crisis threatening their way of life:

Ms Verdin is a member of the Indigenous Rising delegation currently participating at the COP21, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The presentation and debate are part of Dr. Jean Studzinska’s IR221 course, “Introduction to International Relations”.

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Speaker series with Alejandro Jara Weitzmann

## Speaker series with Alejandro Jara Weitzmann Schiller Paris hosted yet another fascinating speaker this Wednesday. This time, and on the timely theme of environmental issues, we invited Alejandro Jara Weitzmann, the Latin American Representative of the think-tank **OSI Observatoire Social International and SAS GDF SUEZ** to give a talk on “Sustainable Development Goals and Social Dialogue.” In his talk he covered [COP21 agenda issues](, challenges arising from recent global summits and social questions, corporate social responsibility and new opportunities for dialogue and engagement with civil society. As always, and in line with Schiller’s pledge to engage and **connect students with the real world**, the talk wrapped up with a discussion on how to start a **career** in these different sectors: NGOs, international organizations, think tanks, and the private sector; all of which Mr Jara-Weitzmann has extensive experience working in. It opened up a lively debate, and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity. Tags: [speaker series](

TOTAL SA Career Visit

## TOTAL SA Career Visit SIU’s **Careers Session** week came to a close yesterday, and what a week it was! We had the pleasure of welcoming the **Head of University Relations** and the **Director of Human Resources**, Marketing and Services from Total Campus SA, to talk about career opportunities. Ms. Monique Simon and Mr. Christophe Mouret also provided an interesting insight into the multi-faceted work Total does, not only in **Oil** and **Gas** exploration, but also in **Solar** and bio-fuel procurement. On behalf of the staff and students we wish to thank our guests for the time they shared with us. Tags: [career series](