Student International Food Day

## Student International Food Day Staff and students tucking in to some rather delicious food yesterday at the **multicultural luncheon**. Have you ever tried ‘Adobo’, a typical Filipino dish? No, neither had we! Dishes from South Africa, Germany, Canada, USA, Italy, Nigeria, Lebanon, UK, France, Colombia, to name just some of the treats we feasted on!

Schiller International University - One World, One University

Presentation on Breakthrough performance thinking held on campus

September 15, Schiller Paris was honored to partner with TIP Consulting to host its presentation on Breakthrough performance thinking to the McGill Alumni Association and friends. Attendees were given a foretaste of the seminar TIP Consulting proposes to leading companies on how to achieve results previously thought impossible. Further information can be found here:

48 Ukrainian faculty members at Schiller International University

Schiller International University is hosting 48 faculty members from more than 20 respective Ukrainian Universities this week! They are keen to find out more about our unique monthly intake system, ‘One Program – Two Degrees’ opportunity and flexible way of studying for their students. We are proud and happy to have them here.

Head of Water and Governance Program at the OECD at Schiller – Speaker Series

On Thursday 18th June Schiller was honored to receive **Aziza Akhmouch**, [Head of OECD Water and Governance Program]( The talk was followed by a lively Q+A session and advice on internships. On behalf of Schiller International, we would like to thank Aziza Akhmouch for her presentation, and hope to have her here again in the future. oecd Tags: [speaker series](