Speaker series with Alejandro Jara Weitzmann

## Speaker series with Alejandro Jara Weitzmann Schiller Paris hosted yet another fascinating speaker this Wednesday. This time, and on the timely theme of environmental issues, we invited Alejandro Jara Weitzmann, the Latin American Representative of the think-tank **OSI Observatoire Social International and SAS GDF SUEZ** to give a talk on “Sustainable Development Goals and Social Dialogue.” In his talk he covered [COP21 agenda issues](, challenges arising from recent global summits and social questions, corporate social responsibility and new opportunities for dialogue and engagement with civil society. As always, and in line with Schiller’s pledge to engage and **connect students with the real world**, the talk wrapped up with a discussion on how to start a **career** in these different sectors: NGOs, international organizations, think tanks, and the private sector; all of which Mr Jara-Weitzmann has extensive experience working in. It opened up a lively debate, and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity. Tags: [speaker series](

TOTAL SA Career Visit

## TOTAL SA Career Visit SIU’s **Careers Session** week came to a close yesterday, and what a week it was! We had the pleasure of welcoming the **Head of University Relations** and the **Director of Human Resources**, Marketing and Services from Total Campus SA, to talk about career opportunities. Ms. Monique Simon and Mr. Christophe Mouret also provided an interesting insight into the multi-faceted work Total does, not only in **Oil** and **Gas** exploration, but also in **Solar** and bio-fuel procurement. On behalf of the staff and students we wish to thank our guests for the time they shared with us. Tags: [career series](

Speaker Series

## Speaker Series Last Friday our guest speaker Mr. **Javed Hamid** (Former Director of East Asia and Pacific Region at the **World Bank’s International Finance Corporation** [(IFC)](, Economist at the World Bank and Analyst at the Brookings Institution) gave a presentation on International Careers, in which he emphasized multiculturalism in the workplace. A truly inspiring talk! Thanks to all that came! Tags: [speaker series](

Career Series

As part of Schiller’s Career Series, on Tuesday October 27, students from Schiller International University’s three European campuses – Paris, Heidelberg and Madrid will be meeting in Paris to welcome [Total]( and learn about their business activities and career opportunities. **Monique Simon**, Head of University Relations at Total, and **Christophe Mouret**, Director of Human Resources for Marketing & Services, Africa and Middle East will present the company, career opportunities and field a Q&A session. We look forward to the event!! []( []( Tags: [career series](

Masters in International Relations for working professionals in Paris

## Masters in International Relations for working professionals in Paris ## SIU’s Masters in International Relations _Study the art of diplomacy with the Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy at Schiller International University and prepare for international relations careers._ For more than [40 years](, Schiller International University has been providing the diplomatic community of Paris a unique graduate program perfecting the skills and knowledge base of future diplomats and working professionals. The Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy prepares students for missions in international governmental and non-governmental organizations (ex., UNESCO, UN, EU) as well as diplomatic and scientific institutions (embassies, think tanks, NGOs). International relations courses offered in our Masters in International Relations will provide you with expertise in foreign policy and political science, and prepare you for careers in diverse fields ranging from foreign affairs to human rights. The program’s core endeavor takes the complexity of the international system and decrypts it through the lenses of **social science studies of political systems**, institutions, actors and dynamics at different levels of analysis. During their studies, students also learn how to develop social skills and master essential techniques for diplomacy and international field work such as inter-personal, listening and communications competencies as well as team-building and individual leadership skills. Class sizes allow for close interaction with professors and support from classmates who come from around the world. The Masters in International Relations & Diplomacy is especially designed to **accommodate the needs and time constraints of working professionals**. Courses are made available in the evening and on Saturdays. Personnel (and immediate family members or dependents) of diplomatic representations, embassies and foreign affairs ministries are eligible for [SIU Diplomatic Scholarship]( Admissions is open **all year round** at the start of every month. Check [our Academic Calendar 2016]( find a start date that suits your schedule. All our programs offer a **double** [US]( **&** [UK]( [accreditation]( For enquiries about SIU Masters in International Relations, please contact or [use our request of information form](