SIU Visit - 3Ants

SIU Visit – 3Ants

SIU Madrid students had the opportunity to visit 3Ants, an IT Startup in partnership with Telefónica that specializes in internet intellectual property. The company develops its own software to protect the valuable intangibles of private companies that operate online.

There are currently three SIU Alumni working at 3Ants. One of them, Ana Caballero, served as our tour guide revealing the ins and outs of this innovative company. She also gave a speech encouraging all SIU students to dream big and work hard, reminding us that the ideas and dreams we have can only become reality when hard work is applied. Concluding her speech, she finished with the words of Martin Luther King, “Things may come for those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. If you work hard enough and assert yourself, and use your imagination and mind, you can shape the world to your desires. The best way to learn is by doing.”

Annual Vineyard Excursion


It has become one of our Schiller traditions to participe in an Annual Vineyard Excursion. This year was not going to be any different. This is what Nada Hssain, one of our current MBA students had to say about this last excursion:

“Our trip to La Estacada was a great learning experience. We were taught several things such as how to find out if the grapes were ready to be picked. The answer might come as a surprise but it’s by tasting the skin of the grape ! If it is bitter then the wine will be bitter.

We also received some insider tips for picking out the perfect barrels to ferment the wine in. Oak is the best wood, it’s toasted on the inside and gives some flavor to the wine but not too much that it becomes overpowering. Where the Oak comes from is also a factor to keep in mind as the wood in certain areas releases more oxygen into the barrel than others.

We had the honor of receiving a personal tour of their facilities and having a wine tasting session. The aromas used, the age of the wine and it’s fermentation was now noticeable from everything we had learned. Starting from an older wine to a younger one and finishing the tasting with a beautiful Merlot that had only been fermenting for a few days. It was a perfect transition from bitter to sweet.”

Thank you to everyone who helped organize this adventure, surely this is a yearly trip that our SIU students will be looking forward to attend again.


Vineyard Trip - SIU Madrid Annual Vineyard Excursion - SIU Madrid Vineyard Trip - SIU Madrid
Almudena Molina - SIU Student

Meet Almudena from SIU

Today we would like you to meet Almudena Molina, an International Hospitality and Tourism student here at Schiller Madrid. She started with us in September of 2015 and has not only studied at our campus in Madrid, but also spent some time in our campus in Heidelberg. When asked about her experience here at SIU, this is what she had to say:

“My experience at Schiller International University has been truly amazing! It has given me the opportunity to travel to different countries and learn their cultures. Studying Hospitality and Tourism Management has allowed me to learn much more about the different departments there are within the hotel industry such as Food & Beverage Management, Front Desk Management, and the Reservations Department, just to name a few. This program has also taught me how to interact well with the client and has equipped me with the skills needed to handle difficult situations with customers. If you are looking for a university that offers you a high standard of education, qualified teachers, a great academic curriculum and a truly international environment, then this is your University.”

Stay tuned for more testimonials like Almudena’s coming soon to our website and social media

Orientation Day at Schiller Madrid

Orientation Day at Schiller Madrid


Today we welcomed our new and returning students to Schiller’s Madrid campus with the kickoff of Orientation Day, one of our personal favorites. The staff, faculty, and students had a great time getting to know each other, as well as discovering all of the new activities that will be happening this coming semester. Of course, it just wouldn’t be the Madrid campus without our newfound Schiller tradition of sharing a delicious Spanish paella together. Without a doubt, it has been a great start for the academic year here at SIU Madrid.

Orientation Day at Schiller Madrid _ _ _ Orientation Day at Schiller Madrid
_ Orientation Day at Schiller Madrid _ Orientation Day at Schiller Madrid _


Council of Europe in Strasbourg

SIU students visit the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

Students attending Master in International Relations and Diplomacy Programme at Schiller International University  (Heidelberg Campus) visited the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France) with their Professor, Dr. Alenka Verbole

The two days study trip within the framework of the Conflict and Peace Strategies Course allowed the students to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Council of Europe high profile officials. Among others they met with Mr Matjaz Gruden, Director of Democratic Participation and Mr Dmitri Marchenkov, Deputy Head of co-operation and external relation service a.i. at the CoE Congress of Local and regional Authorities learning more about the Council, its mandate, and its approach to the conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

While the Council of Europe does not engage it the matters of defense issues it plays an important role in conflict prevention and reconciliation. A presentation of Ms Myrtia Murgia, Programme  Officer, and Mr Andrew Forde, Advisor,  both CoE Directorate of Political Affairs explained in details  the reconciliation efforts of the CoE when dealing with frozen and protracted conflicts. Another special session took place focusing on the Dayton Peace Agreement with the first ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the CoE, Mr Igor Davor Gaon.


Council of Europe in Strasbourg

Council of Europe in Strasbourg