Madrid Inside and Out

Madrid Inside and Out


How many of us have lived in a city for a long time, but never had the opportunity to discover everything that the city has to offer. That is exactly why Madrid Inside and Out exists, to give every student the opportunity to know this city, regardless if they just arrived or if they were born here.

The students had the opportunity to walk around Madrid exploring its history, identifying each location with the lives that gave them their own distinctive flair. It is now that every student can walk around not only sensing the vibe that the city has, but understanding the reason behind it, the meaning of each location and the traditions that surround the capital of the country they now live in.

The visit involved a walk around Madrid’s most and least iconic locations, the oldest library, the ancient walls, and the Madrid of the Austrians. The city is filled with an atmosphere of life that you can feel from the very moment you step foot in its streets. From the diversity of the center to the most “madrileño,” everyone discovered that this city has a lot more to offer than what they expected.

Thank you José Pinto, Undergraduate Advisor at Schiller’s Madrid Campus for this amazing opportunity to discover Madrid.


Tourism for the XXI Century

Tourism Students Discover IFEMA


When you enter the realm of hospitality and tourism management, you realize how much of your career is based on the experience of others. Entrepreneurs who pursued their dreams of creating something that will have that wow effect or something that will develop their clients opportunities and resources. Therefore, much of the studies in this degree need to be outside of the classroom, learning from those who are developing these ideas now, for the future ahead.

That is exactly what we did at Schiller Madrid this week! We went to the biggest fair venue in Madrid, IFEMA, home of some of the largest trade shows in Europe, to talk to those that manage the day to day, the logistics, the experience that everyone has when visiting each of the events happening at IFEMA.

This was an enriching experience that reminded us how important it is to have a network of businessmen  and entrepreneurs around you that can invest their applied knowledge into our development as students.


Tourism for the XXI Century Tourism for the XXI Century Tourism for the XXI Century
Halloween Bash - SIU Madrid

Halloween Bash – SIU Events


On Halloween, our students gathered to enjoy the spookiest night of the year, and this year was no different! Invites were sent and costumes prepared, all to impress and scare the most serious of them all, during a night to remember. They enjoyed food and drinks, surrounded by the disguises that will haunt their dreams, until obviously… their final exam!

Halloween Bash - SIU Madrid Halloween Bash - SIU Madrid Halloween Bash - SIU Madrid


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Cultural Iceberg Workshop

Cultural Iceberg Workshop – SIU Talk

During SIU’s Cultural Iceberg Workshop, students are presented with the opportunity to learn more about how culture impacts their present and future endeavors in the business world. It began by posing the question, “What does culture mean to you?” Given the fact that almost every student of the class was from a different nationality, it was interesting to see how culture had a different meaning for every individual. For example, we got to know how people from Sweden and Russia had a different sense of personal space compared to people here in Spain. During this SIU Talk students were able to understand how there are parts of culture we see that are just the tip of the iceberg , taking time to reflect on how profound these factors can be and how they cause different cultures to behave in different ways.

Students were grouped in teams, in which some were given the information about certain goods, while the others were told to act as a Chinese company looking to import apples. The rest of the groups had to discuss among themselves how to negotiate and convince the Chinese market to purchase their product. In the process, they also had to work out which type of apple would be most preferential for said market encouraging the students to also work as a team. There was insight as to how the Chinese markets tends to lean towards markets which allow employment opportunities for locals and were very sensitive about their culture.

Students learned how to prioritize the market and then standardize their marketing plan according to the region they are endeavoring to do business with, uncovering the Cultural Iceberg. There was also an emphasis on how important it is for a company to have a leader who has an open perspective and respect for different cultures, having the ability to train his or her employees to have the same mindset. Overall, the workshop was very enjoyable and will be very helpful for students who are not only pursuing International Business, but also for the students who are studying International Relations, Economics, or Hospitality and Tourism, as each of these subjects considers human interaction extremely important.