Job offering – Registrar for Heidelberg Campus

Schiller International University, a private American university, is looking for a Registrar for its Heidelberg campus as an active reinforcement of the Student Service Center. The individual advising of students, as well as the independent coordination of the course schedules and provision of information form the focal points of the activity. The full-time position is permanent and immediately open. The language of operation is English.

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Madame Ching, A Woman That Made History

At Schiller International University we couldn’t be more proud of our student body. We know that everyone who has ever been a part of the Schiller family will influence the world around them. One of our current MBA students, Natalia Malvar, had the opportunity to speak about women in history at the “Women in the Army” conference held in Madrid’s own Universidad Complutense.

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The Making of a Great Leader

Here at Schiller International University, we take pride in inviting renowned professionals to invest in our students careers, giving them insight into how the marketplace is growing and towards where it is headed, and to teach them what it takes to become great leaders. This gives our students the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their career paths and helps them infinitely when choosing an internship or their elective courses.

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Undress the World – The Cool Cactus

Underwear? Yes, who would have thought that this very covered up industry has an ever-growing demand. Well, Roberto Herranz, Luis Aguilar and his friends had their finger on the pulse of this $120 billion market when they started thinking about starting their own company. They wanted to develop something a bit different than the brands already available on the European market and wanted to move away from relying on imports from abroad. So they decided they were going to make it happen and start something new themselves, and they dubbed it “The Cool Cactus.”

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UP for Humanness at SIU Paris!

We are proud to announce that from next week and until July 2019, Up for Humanness will start a SIS UP program in the training of students enhances their ability to assume personal and concrete responsibilities in society and responds to their search for meaning.

Here is the tentative calendar of the training sessions:

– April 1st from 10h00 to 2:00 PM at Schiller Campus Common Room.

– April 9th from 9h00 to 5:00 PM Place: off site (to be announced soon).

– From April 10th to July 8th Online follow-up

– June 20th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Schiller Campus

– July 8th from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM off site.(place to be announced soon)