Moldova Day

SIU Madrid is always proud to prove that the international in our name is not a marketing strategy but the nature and vision for our institution. It is in that chord that, Tuesday September 10th, her excellency the Ambasador of the Republic of Moldova, Violeta Agrici, presented the country to Schiller’s students and staff.

Moldova, a country that many have never heard of, or confuse with the Maldives, has many things to offer. From the amazing landscapes, food, wine, to its people, that will make everyone feel like home.
The Ambassador spoke about the country’s politics and economy, presented its potential as a rapidly growing investment destination and also as an “exotic” tourist destination.

After having learned a bit about Moldova, everyone enjoyed some typical foods: Sarmale, a very old dish brought by the Ottoman Empire, consisting of rice, vegetables, and sometimes meat, all wrapped in vine leaves or pickled cabbage leaves and baked for several hours, Plăcinte, a flaky pastry traditionally filled with cottage cheese, potatoes, or cherries, as a sweet desert, Prunes filled with walnuts and soaked in wine, buttery dough filled with rose jam.

And finally, the staple, the product for which Moldova is known worldwide, it’s wines! SIU students and faculty had a taste of red and white wines, as well as a variety of sparkling white and rosé wines.

We would like to thank everyone from the Embassy who came and showed her support.