Meet Vina, Bachelor Student at Paris Campus

Vina Imad Mohammed

Meet Vina, our Bachelor student at Paris campus and see what she has to say in our interview.


Can you remember what your original motivation was for obtaining your degree? 
What motivated me to obtain a degree in international relations and diplomacy was the fact that there is more to international relations than just politics. It focuses on a broad range of topics such as environmental issues, preservation of cultural property, technology and so on.

Why did you choose Schiller international university of Paris?
Flexibility, I would say, is what motivated me to choose Schiller. Schiller University offers one subject per month, which makes it easier to manage your time and to better understand the subject. Another reason is that Schiller offers courses in English with some language courses in French or Spanish in one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, Paris, which makes it perfect for the degree.

What keeps you motivated to do well in the program? 
The knowledge I gain by daily debates in classes and activities such as role-play or trying to find solutions for world conflicts is what keeps me interested and motivated to do well.

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Vina Imad Mohammed
Vina Imad Mohammed From Kurdistan-Iraq, lives in Paris. BA International Relations and Diplomacy 3rd year