Meet our students – Jaber

Meet our students - Jaber

Meet our students – Jaber Bassam Al Gayal

At Schiller International University, you get a great academic based education, get a chance to obtain a double degree in Europe and the U.S. – and you‘ll experience an array of cultural diversity and meet many students from around the world. A student initiative called Habibi aims to cater to these needs. Its initiator, Jaber Bassam Al Gayal, wants to make the bistro at the Heidelberg campus a place for intercultural exchange. In this month’s newsletter he talks about his life at SIU Heidelberg. Schiller International University invites you to meet our students – Jaber.

Jaber, tell us more about yourself.
My name is Jaber Bassam Al Gayal. I am an international relations and diplomacy student in Schiller international university. I grew up in Saudi Arabia and then moved to Lebanon where I studied during my high school years.

Why did you come to Schiller?
I came to Schiller University to expand my base of knowledge, get an international degree, and meet people from all over the world as Heidelberg is known to be very international.

What have you learned so far?
My biggest learning so far is that in today‘s world is it very important to have the right connections in order to grow and prosper. Also, any dream or goal can be reached if the enough amount of work and effort is put into it.

What projects are you currently working on?
I am working on finishing my degree in the best way possible, also growing up the Habibi bistro in Schiller University in Heidelberg. This project is part of the Idea Box programme which runs at the Schiller International University Heidelberg. It aims at improving life for International students in Heidelberg. I want to provide food and drinks to Schiller University students in Heidelberg. The closest bakery is 500m away and there is a need for students to interact and exchange on campus. I use the tools that are already provided at SIU like fridge, grill, microwave, coffee machine, juice maker to make food and drinks.

This project supports the students‘ need of having food and drinks on campus as well as exchange their ideas and feel a bit more at home.
Since SIU is very international and diverse, Habibi bistro creates an environment that helps people share their knowledge.

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