Meet Philippe: from Madrid to Paris

Philippe Kerno

Hear from Philippe from Spain, SIU Madrid student who spent two semesters in the Paris campus. 

Transferring from the Madrid campus to the Paris campus sure was a challenge.

Moving into a new city which I thought I’d dislike but as soon as I got there and saw the campus I started meeting new people right away, and adapting to the classes well. I ended up staying for two semesters because the city was so lively and full of things to do, you sort of have to find your way around but once you have your friends and your places you go to, anywhere can feel like a home. 

I now consider some people who I met there friends for life who will most likely come to my wedding one day. The learning experience was good and focused for small groups, there were some trips organized by the university and overall it was a great experience. I don’t regret having gone at all.
I am back to Madrid and I miss Paris and my good friends.

Philippe Kerno
Bachelor in International Business,

SIU Madrid and Paris

Philippe Kerno