Meet John de Zulueta

It’s not everyday that you meet someone as renowned as John de Zulueta, current chairman of Círculo de Empresarios. It is difficult to find someone with this much experience in both the US and Spain. After completing his degree, De Zulueta started working for the Boston Consulting Group, which in his own words, “gave him the opportunity to create the strategic thinking that served him well throughout his career.”

During the event, De Zulueta shared his experience working around the globe and gave all the students the initiative to improve their careers by outsmarting the market. The ones that survive are not those who are the strongest, but those who can adapt. Therefore, we must continually seek to improve our understanding of the environment and adapt our skill set to what is needed now.

During his speech, De Zulueta encouraged our students to discover more about artificial intelligence, digital marketing and Blockchain, while adapting to the new work environments in which there is more teamwork and less hierarchy. This can be seen not only demonstrated in the work ethic, but has already been translated to the physical office, where we see more and more examples of open offices.

However, it is not only about students adapting to this new type of work environment, as De Zulueta said, “Nowadays, the youth that is entering the workforce focuses more on welfare and business benefits, rather than typical salary increases. This forces companies to think about new business compensations outside of common practices.” 

We are so thankful to John de Zulueta for coming to our campus and sharing the morning with our students. It is by bringing experienced professionals such as he, that students get to discover the opportunities outside the walls of our university.