Masters in International Relations for working professionals in Paris

## Masters in International Relations for working professionals in Paris ## SIU’s Masters in International Relations _Study the art of diplomacy with the Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy at Schiller International University and prepare for international relations careers._ For more than [40 years](, Schiller International University has been providing the diplomatic community of Paris a unique graduate program perfecting the skills and knowledge base of future diplomats and working professionals. The Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy prepares students for missions in international governmental and non-governmental organizations (ex., UNESCO, UN, EU) as well as diplomatic and scientific institutions (embassies, think tanks, NGOs). International relations courses offered in our Masters in International Relations will provide you with expertise in foreign policy and political science, and prepare you for careers in diverse fields ranging from foreign affairs to human rights. The program’s core endeavor takes the complexity of the international system and decrypts it through the lenses of **social science studies of political systems**, institutions, actors and dynamics at different levels of analysis. During their studies, students also learn how to develop social skills and master essential techniques for diplomacy and international field work such as inter-personal, listening and communications competencies as well as team-building and individual leadership skills. Class sizes allow for close interaction with professors and support from classmates who come from around the world. The Masters in International Relations & Diplomacy is especially designed to **accommodate the needs and time constraints of working professionals**. Courses are made available in the evening and on Saturdays. Personnel (and immediate family members or dependents) of diplomatic representations, embassies and foreign affairs ministries are eligible for [SIU Diplomatic Scholarship]( Admissions is open **all year round** at the start of every month. Check [our Academic Calendar 2016]( find a start date that suits your schedule. All our programs offer a **double** [US]( **&** [UK]( [accreditation]( For enquiries about SIU Masters in International Relations, please contact or [use our request of information form](