Inditex Headquarters Tour

Inditex Tour


The main goal here at Schiller International University is to develop students that will thrive in the real world far beyond university; people that, even before graduating, are ready to engage in todays business world.

In order to make that happen, we reinforce the student’s perspective of the world outside of these university walls by creating opportunities for them to visit and face the day to day operations of companies that are driving their sectors economic boom.

SIU Madrid’s Graduate Advisor, Edgar Barroso, took action based on this vision and organized the annual visit to Inditex headquarters in Coruña. Students had the opportunity to visit the clothing design department and understand the complexity of the logistics behind the company. As the students themselves remarked, the departments run as smoothly as a Swiss Watch, judging by the level of precision and attention with which they arrange every single store and window dressing.

The highlight of the visit according to most of our students was the company’s approach to data analysis. Inditex’s data management system allows the company to know the most viewed articles worldwide in real time, ensuring that the supply and demand of the products are well adjusted. Also, as some of the students remarked, this experience has helped them in their career decision-making process, some of them even engaging in an opportunity to work in the textile sector after graduation.

This experience is not only valuable to the students as a career opportunity, but also gives them the chance to develop their views on the future workplace they want to create. The environment you are a part of when you start in a company plays an important role, from employee morale to the purpose that drives them. We must never forget it is people we are working with and a good social experience boosts any organizations results, as a student explained.

Every student enjoyed the opportunity to discover more about the work environment at Inditex, highlighting that when visiting the company’s museum they discovered the origin of the multinational enterprise it has now become, inspiring many to passionately believe in their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Inditex Tour Inditex Tour Inditex Tour