How To Create An Excellent Dissertation

You will never regret working on what you love

In order to complete their studies, every SIU student has to write a final dissertation on a topic of their interest. At times, it is about the company where they completed their internship, other times it is about the impact of an event, a person, or a social movement in the international economic environment. 

To select a specific case in the vast sea of opportunities available is definitely one of the toughest decisions a student will have to make here at Schiller, indifferently of the Bachelor Degree they are studying. Nonetheless, the best advice we can offer is to choose a topic that will drive you through the process. As Ana Caballero, our recently graduated student would say, “There are a good number of topics that will give you the opportunity to bring to light all that you have studied during these years. However, few of those will drive you with an unrelenting passion that will get you that perfect grade you are striving for.”

The topic Ana chose was something all students know her for, the 60’s and music. She presented “The Socio-Political Influence of Music in the Decade of 1960’s in America.” She represented our main goal as a university, to develop the skills to ensure students not only are able to quote and memorize concepts, but also apply them to analyze past, current, and future events.

Our dissertation or thesis is something we will always remember, the hours of effort spent to create a piece of work we can always say we are proud of. Let this be an encouragement for all current students choosing their dissertation topics this year. Thrive for excellence, follow your passion.