Graduating at Schiller Madrid

There are places in life that are just a temporary stop throughout your journey, places you call home for just a short period of time. But no matter how brief the stay, these places help shape you, create character and foster wisdom, sometimes stemming from failures, but more often than not from victories earned with heartfelt effort.

University is one of those places, not meant to be a permanent stop, but one of the most important along the way. It is a place where friendships are built and minds are opened to encompass all the world has to offer. The instant you enter the doors of this institution you will feel home, you will experience laugh and tears, faith and yes, at times, even disbelief. Throughout the years you will discover that the path ahead is far greater than the one that preceded it and that with every sacrifice, new ground is discovered in different areas of your life.

With every class you will explore different fields of study, each more intriguing than the other, books that seem unending and notes that you would say made more sense when you wrote them in class. Each year you will find different professors, some will leave a mark that will determine the life “mottoes” you will carry for life, guiding your path, usually more so than the content found in actual textbooks.

But, as they say, every good thing has to come to an end, and with every end comes a new beginning, a cause for celebration. For us, this is encompassed in our graduation, the moment when all those who were and are a part of this wonderful journey come together to remember and celebrate the achievements unlocked. Graduating is defined as to pass from one stage of experience, proficiency, or prestige to a higher one, and this precisely described the emotion and the feeling of joy that can be felt in the room. Families and friends gather in an atmosphere of greatness, of dreams becoming reality and imagination unfolding, shaping the future to come.

Pictures will help us remember, videos will take make us smile as we remember this moment. But every time we revisit, we will know that we have now grown, and that we have been growing since then. Because in the end, university is only the training ground, but learning, learning is a life of everlasting discovery.